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The State of Play ahead of the US Midterm Elections

Today, our Chamber, together with IE university's School of Global Public Affairs celebrated the event "The State of Play Ahead of the Upcoming Midterm Elections" with the participation of Jon Decker, Gray TV’s White House correspondent.

During his intervention Decker shared with our members and IE students his opinions and thoughts on the last year of Joe Biden's presidency and what could be expected for the next few years, especially in light of the upcoming midterm elections.

For Decker, simply having a slight majority in the Senate or a 50/50 Senate is not enough for the President and if there is a Republican majority, Biden's legislative agenda will find itself stalling. Decker doesn't see the Republicans and Democrats joining together again on passing big and bold legislation in the upcoming years as they had for the recently approved infrastructure bill.

When asked about his prediction for the results of the upcoming elections, Decker stated that Ohio and Pennsylvania are decisive states, and the results there would be crucial for the midterm elections, however, it is difficult to make a prediction at the moment precisely because these states still haven't announced their candidates.

On the subject of the general elections, although Biden running for a second term still hasn’t been confirmed, one of the most important questions to ponder would be: “What does the President pursue? Will the President pursue a progressive agenda during the next two years, or will he shift toward the center and put himself in a “good position” for the General elections as Bill Clinton did in the past?”

The results of a general election with President Biden running for a second term would largely be affected by how the he chooses to manage policy and legislation in the next few years.  

17 Jan 2022

AmChamSpain's Christmas Party

On December 1st, the AmChamSpain Christmas Party took place, one of the most important networking events of the year, where we had the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the Chamber and welcome Christmas with the leaders of our member companies.

For a few hours, the Four Seasons hotel in Madrid became the setting for a great celebration where more than 200 members and friends of the Chamber were able to get into the Christmas spirit.

In his welcoming speech, our Chairman Jaime Malet expressed his gratitude to the members for their collaboration and participation during the year. He took the opportunity to greet prominent members of the Government and politicians present at the celebration such as Pablo Casado, President of the Popular Party; Eugenia Carballedo, President of the Madrid Assembly; Carme Artigas, Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence; Juan José González, President Emeritus of the Constitutional Court; Josep Pique, former Minister of Foreign Affairs; José Montilla, former President of the Generalitat; José Blanco, former Minister of Public Works and Eduardo Serra, former Minister of Defense.

Acting US Ambassador Conrad Tribble joined the President's welcoming remarks, referring to the close relationship between the diplomatic mission of the Embassy and the Chamber, highlighting the work and joint effort to strengthen of trade between Spain and the United States.

Following the speeches, live performances by Pitingo and Picocos Band took place.

We want to convey a special thanks to the member companies that made this celebration possible:

Gold Sponsors: DAMM, Philip Morris and Banco Santander.

Silver Sponsors: American Express, Amgen, Atlantic Copper, Bristol Myers Squibb, Costco Wholesale, Delta Air Lines, Globalvia, Google, Metlife and Nippon Gases.

03 Dec 2021

AmChamSpain members meet with the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso

The President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has set the environment, digitalization, and “Madrid North” as the priorities for the Autonomous Community

Top executives representing the member companies of the United States Chamber of Commerce in Spain (AmChamSpain) met today with the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Jaime Malet introduced President Díaz Ayuso, stating that “the Community of Madrid is one of the most attractive investment areas among Spanish Autonomous Communities for American companies”.

The President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso addressed the senior executives from the multinational companies, stating that “the priority targets of the Autonomous Community of Madrid include the environment, where 1 billion Euro will be invested, positioning Madrid as the most digitalized region in Europe, and investing 20 billion Euro in the “Madrid North” project, which will generate 360,000 jobs”.

Díaz Ayuso also indicated that “the Autonomous Community of Madrid brings together 75% of all foreign investment in Spain, which makes it the leader in business confidence for investors from other countries”.

The event featured top executives from the member companies in the Chamber, including McKinsey & Co., MSD, Morgan Stanley, Atlantic Copper, Bank of America, BCW, HPE, Citibank, Pfizer, Blackstone, IBM, Facebook, Amgen, American Express, 3M, Amazon Web Services, Bristol Myers Squibb, Nippon Gases, Ferrovial, Banco Santander, Five Guys, VISA, Iberdrola, Globalvia, Metlife, Mastercard, and Zurich.

Other topics discussed during the meeting included the priorities of the AmChamSpain members in the Autonomous Community of Madrid and the entity’s goals for improving the competitiveness and internationalization of the business community.

25 Nov 2021

The Board of Directors of AmChamSpain meets with the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida

A representation of the top executives from the member companies of the United States Chamber of Commerce in Spain (AmChamSpain) met today with the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida.

The AmChamSpain representation was led by its Chairman, Jaime Malet, joined by leading executives from the Board of Directors, comprised of more than 18 multinational companies representing the 280 member companies. Leading executives from the represented companies were in attendance, including 3M, Amazon Web Services, Amgen, American Express, Blackstone, BCW, BMS, Cisco, Citigroup, Coca-Cola, Costco, Dow, HP, HPE, IBM, McKinsey & Co., Morgan Stanley, Pfizer, Russel Reynolds, Telefónica, Walt Disney, Xerox, Aecom, Alliance Healthcare, Afiniti, Ayming, Cushman & Wakefield, DxC, Heyco Energy, Philip Morris, Qualcomm, Twitter and Visa.  The Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy in Spain, Conrad Tribble, was also in attendance. 

Jaime Malet introduced Mayor Martínez-Almeida, stating that “Madrid is one of the most attractive investment magnets among European capitals for American companies.”

Madrid Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida addressed the top executives from the multinational companies, saying that “Madrid is a very special phenomenon, because it is a paradigm of great energy and vitality to get back on its feet as soon as possible and face the future,” adding that “Madrid is an open and free society, which is a source of great confidence when making decisions for its economic recovery. It is now upon us to tackle its digital transformation and sustainability.”

Other topics discussed during the meeting included the priorities of the AmChamSpain members in Madrid and the entity’s goals for improving the competitiveness and internationalization of the business community.

With this Board of Directors meeting, AmChamSpain resumes its in-person activities after nearly two years of holding virtual meetings.

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27 Sep 2021

AmChamSpain on the Spanish Prime Minister's trip to the US

Within the framework of the visit made by Spanish Prime Minister and the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism to the US, the American Chamber of Commerce in Spain (AmChamSpain) organised a dinner in Silicon Valley with CEOs from large tech and energy firms on July 23rd. The Chamber was represented by its Chairman, Jaime Malet, and Executive Director, Aida Casamitjana. This meeting brought together CEOs of Zoom, LinkedIN, HP, PayPal, Ripple, Bloom Energy, Plug and Play, NW Energy and Xylem, among others.

The Chairman of AmChamSpain also took part in a meeting in New York on July 21st which analyzed the Spanish economic situation with Spain’s Prime Minister and about a dozen senior-ranking representatives of global investment funds and banks, including Blackstone, Wellington, Ares Management, Morgan Stanley, Brookfield, Lone Star, Bank of America, JP Morgan, Soros and Senator.

The Chairman of the Chamber also participated with the Minister in others acts with investors from various sectors in Washington D.C. on 19 July and with the Prime Minister in Los Angeles on 22 July.

AmChamSpain has been working for over 104 years to strengthen investment and commercial ties between Spain and the United States. Over the past few years, we have taken part in meetings of this type, having a similar or different format, with four successive Spanish government presidents.

Our largest concern today, in this period affected by the pandemic and disrupted flows in assets, talent and capital worldwide, is to adequately project the equity story of Spain and our (US and Spanish) partners: to improve visibility of the country for businesses and foreign funds to invest in Spain, to improve the appeal for investors in our listed companies, and to maintain the high reputation of goods and services of our production sector on global markets.

We found it particularly interesting to talk to major international investors at this point in time about the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, costing 140 billion Euros and recently approved in Brussels, which will require very close collaboration between the Public and Private sectors as well as considerable contributions (up to 500 billion dollars) from the private sector.

Presenting such an important plan for the Spanish economy, including the structural reforms that it will necessarily entail, to the scrutiny of major international investors was the chief goal of this historic visit for AmChamSpain.

26 Jul 2021

Our Board of Directors meets with the President of the Regional Government of Andalusía, Juan Manuel Moreno

A representation of the US Chamber of Commerce in Spain, AmChamSpain, met this morning with the President of the Regional Government of Andalusia, Juan Manuel Moreno. The representation of AmChamSpain was headed by its Chairman, Jaime Malet, accompanied by the main executives of 13 multinational companies representing the 280 associated companies.

Líders of AECOM, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AT&T, Atlantic Copper, Blackstone, Boeing, Cosentino, Costco, Eurosemillas, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, IBM, McKinsey & Co., and MSD were present.

During the meeting, the priorities of the AmChamSpain members in the Andalusia region and the Chamber's objectives for improving the competitiveness and internationalization of the business sector were discussed. Futhermore, President Moreno shared with the members of the Chamber the priorities and economic plans of the Government of Andalusia.

In particular, there was discussion on:

  • The situation of the current Andalusian economy in the context of the pandemic.
  • The need to strengthen the visibility of Andalusia in international markets to attract direct investment and support the export of goods and services.
  • The growth clusters of the region, especially the tourism, industrial and agri-food sectors.
  • Likewise, public-private collaboration was commented in detail in the context of Next Generation funds. Within this section, the importance of investing in digitizing and internationalizing SMEs and in the ecological transition and circular economy was pointed out, especially through the development of the large industrial centers of the region.
  • Finally, the commercial relationship with the United States was analyzed after the five-year suspension of the tariffs imposed on many agricultural products produced in Andalusia, including olive oil, following the WTO ruling against subsidies to Airbus.

“Andalusia has the opportunity to reinvent itself thanks to NextGeneration EU funds, especially if they are complemented with quality investment. Sectors such as agri-food, the chemical industry and the mining sector can aspire to a golden age if they bet on digitization and the green economy, export markets are opened and foreign investment is attracted. Some of the best Andalusian companies, such as Atlantic Copper, Cosentino, Eurosemillas and many others, are members of the Chamber and can serve as an example to attract new investments”, said Malet.

This meeting was held after a series of high-level encounters celebrated this year with our Board of Directors. The first in Zarzuela with His Majesty the King in February, followed by another in Moncloa with the President of the Government accompanied by the Vice President of the Economy, in April.

14 Jul 2021

Joint Statement of AmChams in Europe ahead of the EU-U.S. Summit: A critical milestone for the global agenda

EU-U.S. Summit: A critical milestone for the global agenda For the last century, the transatlantic partnership has been the backbone of the global economy.

Chambers of Commerce of the United States in Europe, request through a joint statement that the EU-US Summit be used to promote an ambitious new Transatlantic Agenda that will strengthen commercial ties, boost economic recovery and seek new areas of cooperation and joint leadership to face shared challenges at the global level.

Consumers and producers, workers and companies, citizens and their governments across the Atlantic and beyond have benefitted from the deep integrative forces that bind the United States and Europe together. By itself, the economic relationship creates 16 million jobs, generates half of total global consumption and accounts for one third of global GDP. However, the previously undisputed leadership of the U.S. and Europe in the international system has become more precarious in recent times, as the tectonic plates of the geopolitical landscape shift. Furthermore, a oncein- a-generation global pandemic, an economic recession and a climate emergency have added to the challenges facing Transatlantic leadership.

In this context, the EU-U.S. Summit taking place on 15 June in Brussels is a critical milestone. Since the Biden Administration took office, we have seen an encouraging new momentum in the transatlantic relationship. The Summit represents an opportunity for these strategic partners to map out a positive, proactive agenda that builds on these encouraging early signs. By identifying substantive areas for cooperation, the EU and the U.S. can ensure that the transatlantic relationship continues to rhyme with prosperity, stability, welfare and leadership.

As a business community, we call for the EU and the U.S. to use the Summit to instigate a three-pronged agenda, focused on reducing barriers to trade; ensuring both sides of the Atlantic come out of the pandemic with stronger, more resilient economies; and seeking new areas for convergence and leadership as we transition towards a greener, digitalised international economy.

1. Reducing barriers to trade:


  • The business community wants to see both sides build on the positive early steps taken to resolve ongoing tariff disputes, by working together to overcome the root issues at the WTO.
  • We also call on the two sides to work to remove trade barriers by progressively pursuing by-sector agreements to reduce tariffs, as well as developing deeper regulatory cooperation.


2. Ensuring economic recovery:


  • As we move beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital that both sides fully utilise the fiscal and monetary firepower at their disposal to foster a balanced economic recovery that addresses existing structural flaws within their markets. ‘Building back better’ must be about bolstering the resilience of markets, businesses and workers to deal with future economic shocks. High ambition must be the goal on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Travel between the U.S. and the EU must be reinstated at the earliest possible opportunity. Many industries rely on movement of people across the Atlantic – the longevity of these industries and the businesses and workers therein is at risk if the lifting of travel restrictions is delayed. 


3. Converging on a greener, digital future:


  • Emerging issues such as the climate emergency and the digital transformation will be fundamental to the future path of humanity. We need transatlantic leadership on these issues to ensure that the values that both sides espouse are deeply embedded in the economic model of tomorrow.
  • The business community wants to see the EU’s proposal for a Trade and Technology Council be taken up, as a forum to advance regulatory cooperation and mutual recognition of standards, and to avoid potential future disputes between the two sides.


The U.S. and the EU stand at an important juncture in their history. The decisions made by these strategic allies now will have a lasting impact on the future. The upcoming Summit is an opportunity to lay the foundations for the strengthened international cooperation necessary to tackle the societal challenges of our time. The next steps towards ending the pandemic, fostering economic recovery and accelerating the green and digital transitions must now be taken in Brussels, on 15 June.


Jaime Malet, Chairman of the US Chamber of Commerce in Spain highlights the importance of this summit: “the European Commission, the member states and the new US Administration must lay the foundations for a strengthened cooperation for the next few years, starting from shared values ​​and common challenges. The business community wants an ambitious transatlantic approach that returns to the path of negotiating a free trade and investment agreement. "

Malet believes that the US and the EU are at a very important moment in their history. “The decisions we make now as strategic partners will have a lasting impact in the future. The Summit is an opportunity to lay the foundations that reinforce the international cooperation necessary to face the social challenges of our time. The next steps to end the pandemic, foster economic recovery and accelerate green and digital transitions must now take place in Brussels, on June 15”.


14 Jun 2021

AmChamSpain’s Board of Directors welcomed in Moncloa Palace by Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez

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A delegation of the Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce of Spain, AmChamSpain, was received this morning in Moncloa Palace by the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, accompanied by Vice-President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño. The Board of Directors was led by its Chairman, Jaime Malet, and joined by the main executives from 20 multinational companies which represent the 280 member companies.

Present in the meeting were the leading executives from American Express, Atlantic Copper, Bank of America, Banco Santander, Blackstone, Coca-Cola, Costco Wholesale, Citi, Facebook, Gilead, HP, Hotusa, IBM, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, MSD, Pfizer, McKinsey & Co. and Walt Disney.

During the meeting, the Board of Directors discussed AmChamSpain’s priorities to support the economic recovery and strengthen the trans-Atlantic relationship. Specifically the meeting aimed:


  1. To reinforce the “equity story” of the Spanish economy in international markets, projecting a new image of the country to attract direct investment and portfolio investment and to support Spanish foreign investment and the export of goods and services.

The Chamber proposes capitalizing on this moment of global disruption to redefine Spain’s image and identify it with the values of excellence, a sustainable economy, technological progress and respect for the environment. AmChamSpain aims to promote the culture of inclusive, ethical and responsible capitalism in Spain, as the Business Roundtable requested in 2019, using the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) criteria as guidelines, which a large part of major international investors already use in their decisions.

AmChamSpain has made itself fully available to the Government to raise awareness of that effort in global forums, stressing that Spain still remains attractive for international investors at a time of great liquidity. 

  1. To promote structural reforms to improve competitiveness after the pandemic.

 The Chamber has requested the Government to carry out an in-depth review of the legal system to undertake structural reforms that can increase the country’s competitiveness after the pandemic. AmChamSpain indicated the need for a flexible labor framework that favors the creation of mass, high-quality employment; a stable tax structure attractive for investment; a high-quality, merit-based and competitive educational system that attracts talent; an efficient administration with ex ante and ex post control of each euro spent; greater protection for industrial and intellectual property; and increased fiscal support in private R&D investment.

In particular, the members of the Board of Directors highlighted the urgency to pass legislation to reinforce the concept of re-skilling, which allows for the workforce to be quickly re-educated and adapt to the new economic context, including greater flexibility for functional mobility.

  1. To enhance Digitalization and the Energy Transition.

The Chamber also discussed the importance of digitalizing and internationalizing SMEs, using the capacities of large Spanish and international companies as forces to drive the entire productive sector forward. The digitalization strategy (connectivity, security, and training) must go hand-in-hand with the energy transition under the Green & Blue concept. The Chamber stressed the importance of strengthening entrepreneurship in both the digital sector as well as in energy transition. The Chamber’s members reiterated to the President their desire to collaborate to make rapid progress in executing the digitalization plans for the economy.

  1. To promote public-private collaboration to bring in European funds in due time.

 The Chamber informed the President of the need to clearly state the tools needed to strengthen a relationship of trust between the public and private sectors that allows the country to bring in the NextGenerationEU funds in due time. In particular, the members of the Board advocate for revitalizing the country’s major industrial centers by adapting them to the European Green Deal agenda and enhancing digitalization (sustainability, renewable energy, energy efficiency and the circular economy).

  1. To capitalize on the wave of innovation in the healthcare sector.

AmChamSpain highlighted its members’ commitment to the healthcare sector in the fight against the pandemic and the value of public-private collaboration. In particular, the Chamber emphasized promoting access to healthcare innovation within the national health system.

  1. To promote diversity and inclusive leadership in Spanish companies.

The Chamber informed the President about the need to reinforce mechanisms to promote meritocracy that encourage diversity of talent and gender inclusiveness in managerial and executive administrative positions without resorting to quotas.

  1. To strengthen the trans-Atlantic bond with the new Biden Administration.

The Chamber believes that this is a unique moment to strengthen the relationship between the EU and the US, and that Spain – which shares other geostrategic interests with the United States, such as Latin America and the southern Mediterranean basin – has a great deal to contribute to this relationship.

The members also indicated that the American economy will come out of the pandemic stronger with enormous federal infrastructure plans (transportation, energy and telecommunications) which can be of great interest for many of the Chamber’s Spanish members. In this sense, AmChamSpain has made itself available to the Government to support the bond between Spain and the United States and also to promote a climate of collaboration between the European Union and the US that allows them to progress toward shared regulatory standards that facilitate the use of technologies such as 5G, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, as well as the fight against climate change, contributing to a sustainable and inclusive economic recovery.

During the meeting, the Chairman of AmChamSpain, Jaime Malet, also requested “reforms to strengthen institutions, lengthen legislative terms and increase legal security, which will be warmly welcomed by the members of the Chamber”.

Spain has the opportunity to become a cluster to attract talent and investment in the digital economy and in the green economy, and our institution wants to support the Administration in these efforts. We also believe in the importance of decisively supporting the tourism and export sectors as they have been crucial in successfully overcoming previous crises” indicated the Chairman of the Chamber, Jaime Malet, during the meeting.


The delegation of AmChamSpain in the meeting included:

Jaime Malet, Chairman, AmChamSpain

Joaquín Arenas, President, Bank of America (VP AmChamSpain)

Alejandro Beltrán, Managing Partner, McKinsey & Co. (VP AmChamSpain)

Helena Herrero, President, HP (VP AmChamSpain)

Simón Amselem, Country Manager, Walt Disney

Ana Argelich, President and Executive Director, MSD

Claudio Boada, Senior Advisor, Blackstone

Irene Cano, Managing Director, Facebook

Aida Casamitjana, Executive Director, AmChamSpain

Juan Ignacio Elizalde, General Director, Coca-Cola

Andrés Esteban, President, Morgan Stanley

Ignacio Gutiérrez Orrantia, President for Continental Europe, Citi Banking

Luis Isasi, Non-executive Director, Santander

Pilar López, President, Microsoft

Amancio López, President, Hotusa

Horacio Morell, President, IBM

Juan Orti, President, American Express

María Río, President, Gilead

Sergio Rodríguez, Country Manager, Pfizer

Javier Targhetta, President, Atlantic Copper

Diane Tucci, Country Manager, Costco Wholesale


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12 Apr 2021

The new AmChamSpain Board of Directors welcomed in Royal Audience by His Majesty the King of Spain

This morning, the new Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce in Spain, AmChamSpain, was received by His Majesty the King Felipe VI. The Board of Directors was led by its Chairman, Jaime Malet, and joined by leading executives from 20 multinational companies which represent 280 AmChamSpain member companies.


The delegation included executives from Walt Disney, 3M, Bank of America, McKinsey & Co., BCW, Facebook, AIG, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Citigroup, HP, Clairfield, Amgen, Hotusa, Microsoft, IBM, Telam, American Express, Gilead, Pfizer and Costco Wholesale.


During the meeting, the Board of Directors communicated AmChamSpain’s priorities to support the economic recovery in Spain and to strengthen the trans-Atlantic relationship. Specifically, six lines of action:


  1. To reinforce Spain’s “equity story” in international markets. The Chamber believes it is necessary to rebrand the country’s image to attract both direct foreign investment and portfolio investment and also to strengthen Spanish companies that invest and sell their products and services in international markets.


  1. To promote competitiveness as a pathway to attract investment and talent and to create mass, high-quality employment. The Chamber’s working committees propose structural changes to the Spanish economy that will allow it to improve its position compared to other competitors. The Chamber promotes legislative improvements in the labor market, the education sector and the tax system. It promotes efficiency in the public sector, energy sustainability, public and private investment in R&D&I, a healthcare system able to offer innovative healthcare equally throughout the entire country, digitalization in industry and initiatives to provide women greater access to leadership positions. The Chamber believes it is necessary to support the export and tourism sectors which have been crucial in overcoming previous crises.


  1. To support institutional stability and the Rule of Law, with special support for the Constitution and the Crown.


  1. To work with the new Biden administration to strengthen the trans-Atlantic relationship between the United States and Europe, in which Spain is fundamental due to its strategic role in Latin America and the Mediterranean.


  1. To support a culture of responsible investment: Environment, Social & Governance (ESG).


  1. To engage major international funds in participating in far-reaching projects directed at sustainably improving the industrial sector, complementing the European Next Generation funds with public-private collaboration.


Malet also indicated that “this is, undoubtedly, a time of great challenges: the pandemic, climate change, major technological disruptions, new geostrategic conflicts, inequalities and migrations. This is truly a new world. We here at the Chamber represent many of the largest companies worldwide, both American and Spanish, but also small- and medium-sized enterprises. We represent all sectors and we want to contribute to make this new world a better world as well”.


 “The collaboration between Europe and the United States is fundamental in order to overcome the healthcare and economic crisis and Spain can play a vital role. At this time, more than ever, American and Spanish companies must collaborate with each other and with the public sector, providing service and optimism”, indicated the Chairman of the Chamber, Jaime Malet, at the end of the meeting.


Image: © Casa de S.M. el Rey

16 Feb 2021

We present our oficial sponsors for 2021


It is an honor to present the official sponsors of the coming year 2021: Bristol Myers Squibb, Coca-Cola, Damm, Dow, Gilead, Nippon Gases and Pfizer.

Its valuable support over the next year is essential to continue to carry out our activity and create new opportunities for all members of the Chamber.


Bristol-Myers Squibb
Bristol-Myers Squibb is a global biopharmaceutical company whose mission is to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients overcome the most serious diseases.
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Coca-Cola was born in 1886 with the purpose of refreshing the world. Today, it has more than 500 brands in almost all categories and more than 700,000 people delivering its beverages to customers and consumers.
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Damm's activity is based on the manufacture and distribution of beverages on an international scale, mainly beer. Other lines of business where are
also present are water and soft drinks, distribution and catering, logistics activities and energy activities.
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Dow is a multinational chemical company that combines one of the broadest technology portfolios in the industry with asset integration, specialized innovation and global scale to achieve profitable growth and become the most innovative, focused materials science company. the client, inclusive and sustainable.
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Gilead Sciences is a biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops and markets innovative therapies in areas of unmet medical need. The mission of the company is to promote the care of patients with life-threatening illnesses around the world.
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Nippon Gases
Nippon Gases, part of Nippon Sanso Holdings, is much more than a supplier of industrial and medical gases. It operates in 13 countries in Europe, and thanks to its products and technological solutions it is the strategic partner of more than 150,000 clients and nearly 300,000 patients. Their goal is to create social value through innovative gas solutions that increase industrial productivity, improve people's well-being and help build a more sustainable future.
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As a biomedical company working to improve people's health, Pfizer is dedicated to developing innovative therapies and vaccines to cure and prevent disease or alleviate its symptoms.
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18 Dec 2020

Jaime Malet re-elected Chairman of AmChamSpain


  • The new Board’s objectives will include re-establishing Spain’s equity story.
  • Jaime Malet has been the Chair since 2002. His candidacy was uncontested.
  • The new Board will feature representatives of the key sectors for the economic recovery.
  • AmChamSpain boasts 280 member companies with a total cumulative turnover of 248 billion Euro in Spain (24% of the GDP) which create more than one million jobs.


June 30, 2020.- The attorney and businessman Jaime Malet has been re-elected today as Chairman of AmChamSpain by the 103rd General Members’ Assembly. The Chamber was founded in Spain in 1917.

Malet has chaired the organization for 18 years (2002) and will extend his term until 2023. His candidacy was uncontested.

The letter sent to members indicates that “the COVID-19 crisis is the start of a period of enormous disruption and uncertainty for the economy” and thus highlights the need to use the institution's capacity for influence now more than ever to encourage investment flows and to make the Spanish economy more competitive.

In greater detail, these objectives include:

  • Re-establishing Spain's equity story in international forums (including those that AmChamSpain organize in Spain),which may have been seriously damaged in recent months. The objective is to promote Spain’s credibility and potential as a destination for foreign investment (both direct and portfolio), along with Spanish companies that invest, market or thrive on American funds.


  • Ensuring that the regulatory changes are made as pragmatically as possible. Spain will be an enormously indebted country. In order not to defraud upcoming generations who will inherit this debt, new regulations and public resources, based on efficiency and ex ante and ex post control, should be directed to rebuilding the productive network (including the hotel sector), to improving the international competitive standing of our companies, to reinforcing the educational system and to reskilling, to attracting investment and talent, and to creating mass, high-quality employment in the private sector.


  • For these three years the Chamber will provide support to the productive sector in adapting to the new disruptive changes. Spain must clearly focus on:


  • Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence
  • The circular economy and the fight against climate change
  • And it must be definitively integrated as a manufacturing center in global value chains, which will start repositioning very quickly following COVID-19


  • The Chamber will continue advocating for the stability of the political system and for strengthening institutions.


  • Lastly, the Chamber will promote a culture of responsible capitalism, based on ESG parameters (Environmental, Social and Governance), which will facilitate decision making, taking into consideration environmental risks, social justice, gender inclusion, and good governance.”

The Board has nominated Fernando Abril Martorell (Indra), Joaquín Arenas (Bank of America), Alejandro Beltrán (McKinsey), Jordi Botifoll (Cisco) and Helena Herrero (HP Inc.) as Vice Presidents. The Board of Directors has also welcomed Ana Argelich (MSC), Claudio Boada (Blackstone), Diane Tucci (Costco) and Andrés Esteban (Morgan Stanley). Luís Isasi, the organization's long-standing Vice President for 18 years as the president of Morgan Stanley, remains on the board as the new president of Banco Santander in Spain.

The Board will feature representatives of the key sectors for the economic recovery: Manufacturing (Atlantic Copper, Dow, Gonvarri, 3M), Pharmaceuticals (Amgen, Gilead, MSD, Pfizer), Technology (Cisco, Facebook, IBM, Indra, HP Inc., Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Microsoft, Telefónica, Xerox), Financial (Amex, AiG, Banco Santander, Blackstone, Citi, Merrill Lynch, McKinsey, Morgan Stanley), Consumer Goods (Coca-Cola, Damm, Costco), Entertainment (Walt Disney) and Tourism (Hotusa).

One of the organization's greatest achievements in recent years has been getting members involved in the work committees. Approximately 330 leading executives of member companies dedicate their time pro bono on 10 work committees focused on different topics: labor, tax policy, digital economy, energy, attracting investments, support to SMEs, innovation, intellectual property, tourism, and diversity.

In recent months, the Chamber has been especially active in organizing seminars and discussions to explain the effects of the pandemic on different sectors of economic activity and in global value chains. The organization has also worked hard on gathering and spreading the news of the altruistic work by member companies in their fight against the effects of the pandemic (“The members of AmChamSpain against COVID-19”). Over these months the Chamber has been carrying out important advocacy work petitioning the Government through letters, reports, articles, and statements to take measures aimed at attenuating the effects of the State of Alarm. Among other measures, the Chamber has worked to keep factories with continuous production cycles from closing, to allow orders in customs to be exported, and to authorize the entry of foreign experts for critical technological infrastructures into Spain. The organization has requested measures to relaunch the tourist sector, to freeze new taxes and not to repeal the current employment legislation. AmChamSpain has also requested eliminating the restrictions on investments from OECD countries (including the USA), giving them the same treatment as investment coming from other European Union countries. The Chamber has petitioned to lift the restrictions on the distribution of dividends when the suitable conditions are met so as not to depress investment even further. Overall, the Chamber seeks broad consensus among political parties and greater involvement with the private sector to come out of the crisis stronger.

The majority of large American companies in Spain and Spanish companies with interests in the US (including 16 companies on the IBEX-35) together with a growing number of SMEs form part of AmChamSpain. The Chamber is part of the largest business organization worldwide with sister entities in more than 108 counties, and in every state, city and sector of American activity. All these entities form part of the US Chamber of Commerce founded in Washington, DC in 1906. AmChamSpain is the third oldest American Chamber of Commerce in the world and was founded simultaneously in Barcelona and Madrid in 1917.


Jaime Malet’s candidacy received 100% of the votes emitted.


30 Jun 2020

Yearbook 2019

We are pleased to share AmChamSpain’s 2019 Yearbook.


This publication outlines all of the activities celebrated during 2019, aimed at strengthening the close relationship between the Spanish and American governments, all of the events organized over the course of the year, including our Gala Dinner to Celebrate AmChamSpain’s 100 year anniversary, collaborations between AmChamSpainand AmChamEU, as well as new communication strategies and new members of AmChamSpain.


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25 May 2020
#amchamspain, #Covid-19

Acciones de Advocacy ante la crisis del Covid19

Nuestra labor de advocacy sobre las medidas adoptadas por el gobierno.

Desde el inicio de la crisis sanitaria causada por el Covid 19, en AmChamSpain hemos redoblado los esfuerzos para la defensa de los intereses de nuestros socios. Por ello, seguimos muy de cerca las medidas y disposiciones promulgadas por el Gobierno en las últimas semanas y elevamos la voz de nuestros socios al respecto.

Le informamos de la carta que hemos hecho llegar al Gobierno, se proponen medidas dirigidas a aliviar la situación de aquellos sectores y empresas especialmente afectadas por la pandemia. LEER CARTA

También hemos remitido otras cartas y propuestas de medidas, solicitando medidas específicas de apoyo a las empresas del sector turístico y actividades relacionadas. LEER CARTA y relacionadas con la movilidad internacional de trabajadores (especialmente aquellos relacionados con los servicios esenciales) LEER CARTA y sobre la limitación de actividad de las industrias no esenciales. LEER CARTA

Aprovechamos para recordarles que estamos a su servicio para recopilar los posicionamientos públicos de sus organizaciones, sus preocupaciones y propuestas de medidas así como la valoración de impacto de las medidas surgidas. Cualquier posición generada por AmChamSpain se traslada siempre bajo el paraguas de la entidad, resguardando por tanto la identidad de las empresas socias.

Por todo ello, les rogamos que mantengan contacto con nosotros durante estas semanas para poder conocer y defender sus intereses.

Pueden hacerlo dirigiéndose a Alejandro Rueda, nuestro director de programas en

21 Apr 2020

AmchamSpain se une a la campaña de la Fundación United Way: #Únetealosqueayudan

En estos difíciles e imprevisibles momentos que estamos viviendo, la Fundación United Way España ha puesto en marcha la campaña #únetealosqueayudan a la que se ha sumado la Cámara de Comercio de Estados Unidos en España (AmChamSpain) con la contribución de un porcentaje de sus beneficios del año 2019.

La campaña de la Fundación United Way España tiende una mano a los más vulnerables: familias con niños en edad escolar que ya no tienen que comer, ya que su única comida era la que realizaban en el colegio, ni recursos para conectarse a la formación online; mayores que se encuentran solos y sin poder salir de casa a comprar; personas que viven en la calle o con necesidades de apoyo psicológico…

La aportación de AmChamSpain, así como las demás donaciones que reciben durante el estado de alarma por esta emergencia sanitaria, serán destinadas íntegramente a partes iguales a apoyar las diferentes medidas que han puesto en marcha las siguientes entidades:


Las donaciones de comida se han visto reducidas en un 80%, pero la demanda ha aumentado, el mayor número de personas que necesitan ayuda, muchas alimentarias, y muchas de ellas aisladas sin poder salir de su casa por estar contagiadas.


Para que ninguna persona mayor se quede sola y puedan ayudar a los más vulnerables en estos días #CruzRojaResponde con la colaboración de voluntarios y 1.400 puntos de atención


Con 5 € al día la Fundación José María de Llanos puede hacer la compra de productos básicos para una madre o niño en situación de vulnerabilidad.


Con cada 60 € que reciban pueden atender a 1 familia con menores en situación de pobreza durante 15 días del estado de alarma proporcionándoles alimento y apoyo a la educación online.


Con cada 22€ que reciban garantizan, durante una semana, que los menores gitanos puedan continuar con sus estudios, ya que muchos no cuentan con apoyo en casa que les puedan ayudar al seguimiento académico durante esta situación.


Por 20€ proporcionan a una persona 5 comidas y 5 cenas y se lo entregan directamente en su domicilio cumpliendo todas las normas sanitarias. Además, UNINICIO forma a jóvenes en situación de vulnerabilidad, en cocina. Algunos de ellos pasan a formar parte del equipo


Cada día, 4 de cada 10 familias que atienden se queda sin los recursos básicos para seguir adelante. Con 50 € pueden darles una bolsa de la compra con los alimentos y bienes esenciales de higiene para subsistir una semana más.


Para apoyar esta iniciativa, o para más información, visite la página web de la Fundación United Way España.

15 Apr 2020

Youngs Leaders Network Kick-off

On January 16, we celebrated the official kick-off of the 1st edition of AmChamSpain’s Young Leaders Network (YLN) at Google Campus Madrid.


YLN is a professional training program aimed at young professionals from AmChamSpain member companies. This is an initiative that AmChamSpain’sExecutie Director, Aida Casamitjana, has wanted to promote for years in order to “create a community of young talent within AmChamSpain, and offer them a training and networking platform.”


The program was immediately supported by the Chamber’s Board of Directors.  “When the idea was presented to the Board they welcomed the proposal with great enthusiasm, especially for the possibility selecting professionals within their company to join,” said Casamitjana.


The program has been very well received among AmChamSpain members as well. Since its call for participants in December, more than 60 young professionals have joined. “We hope this program will serve to boost young talent through professional training programs and networking activities, with the support of our member’s capabilities,” said Jaime Malet, president of AmChamSpain.


This project was born with the idea of ​​being able to offer various professional development activities,and thanks to the interest shown by member companies, it is being possible to utilize the expertise of each company and hold numerous workshops on communication skills and leadership. In addition, social events with inspiring speakers as well as afterwork activities will serve to foster a solid network of young talent.


To be part of this program, it is necessary to be an employee of an AmChamSpain member company and be less than 40 years old at the time of registration. In this edition, participants have been selected by the corresponding delegate of their companies.


16 Jan 2020

EFR Certification

It is a pleasure to announce that we have obtained the EFR certification in reconciliation and equality granted by Fundación MásFamilia. This official recognition is conferred to those companies that promote corporate responsibility and the reconciliation of personal and professional life. This certification indicates our commitment to the professional and personal development of our employees through the implementation of policies and measures that support it.


Fundación MásFamilia has measured the quality of employment, work flexibility, family support, personal and professional development, as well as equal opportunities in our activities. We have obtained good results in the auditing conducted thanks to the policies and measures implemented to maximize the professional and personal well-being of our employees.


"We believe that this certification represents a great step forward for any organization that supports this type of business culture. We are proud to have obtained this recognition and to serve as an example for others to support the implementation of good practices in their companies". - Marta Martorell, AmChamSpain's Director of Human Resources and Finance

28 Oct 2021

2017 Yearbook

We are pleased to share AmChamSpain’s 2017 Yearbook.


This publication outlines all of the activities celebrated during 2017, aimed at strengthening the close relationship between the Spanish and American governments, all of the events organized over the course of the year, including our Gala Dinner to Celebrate AmChamSpain’s 100 year anniversary, collaborations between AmChamSpainandAmChamEU, as well as new communication strategies and new members of AmChamSpain.


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Read letter from our Chairman

17 Jul 2018