Interviewing Candelas Martín de Cabiedes, Business Development and IR Director at Europa Press

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This week we had the pleasure of speaking with Candelas Martín de Cabiedes, Business Development and IR Director at Europa Press.

Can you briefly tell us about the history and mission of Europa Press?

Europa Press has over 65 years of history. The beginnings, in the 1950s, were not easy. In the midst of a dictatorship and many limitations on press freedom, a group of brave intellectuals related to the world of the press decided to found a news agency, which would be the seed of the Europa Press we know today. An agency that survived and grew thanks to the work of great journalists and a firm businessman, my grandfather. An agency that fought from its origins for freedom of expression, and the values of independence, truthfulness, and rigor. Values ​​that are still very present in the agency whose capital continues to be 100% family-owned. Currently, Europa Press is the main private Spanish-language news agency in the world, and its multimedia news services are received by almost all media in Spain, as well as by the main companies and institutions, to which are added 160 of the main media in 20 Ibero-American countries.

Tell us about your professional background and your current role at Europa Press.

I have a degree in Law and Business Administration from the Pontifical University of Comillas (ICADE E-3) and an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa. I began my professional career at the Spanish multinational Indra as Business Development Manager for Latin America and Africa, and previously as a strategy and corporate development consultant. Later, I joined Europa Press, an agency to which I have always felt very connected due to my family. As Director of Business Development and IR at the agency, I make every effort every day to understand in-depth the needs of our clients, to advance towards increasingly innovative and multimedia news products, as well as to promote our geographic expansion in Ibero-America.

What is the element that differentiates you or of which you are most proud of in Europa Press?

What we are most proud of is our total journalistic independence. An independence that is sustained thanks to rigorous business management that ensures economic sustainability. And in the current context, complex, full of uncertainty, and growing disinformation, a source of professional and independent information is more necessary than ever, and is a guarantee for democracy and its institutions.

What role does diversity play within your company?

At Europa Press, we are very committed to diversity and equality between men and women, and this is reflected in the numbers. In fact, 60% of the staff are women, and their role is maintained throughout the different levels of the organization. Women who join the agency naturally occupy positions of greater responsibility. Thus, there is a higher percentage of women than men both at the level of chief editors, territorial delegates, as well as in the Management Committee, where out of the 12 members, 7 are women. This commitment to talent, and especially to female talent, is undoubtedly a great source of wealth and innovation for the agency.

Why did you choose to become a member of AmChamSpain?

AmCham, with its more than 280 member companies representing 26% of the Spanish GDP, is the main business association that defends the improvement of competitiveness, productivity, and internationalization of the Spanish economy, principles with which Europa Press fully identifies. Additionally, currently, Europa Press disseminates its news in multimedia formats not only to Spanish media but also to more than 160 media in 20 countries in America, including the main Spanish-speaking American media. In this vocation to be closer to America, being a member of an institution like AmCham is very interesting, as it will help us to know more deeply the situation of bilateral relations, in addition to being a meeting and reflection

13 Apr 2023

Interviewing Mariola Martínez, President at Xerox


This week, we had the pleasure of talking with Mariola Martínez, President of Xerox Spain.

Could you briefly tell us about Xerox's history and mission?

For over 100 years, Xerox has continually redefined the workplace experience. Leveraging our leadership position in office and production printing technology, we have expanded our operations into software and digital services to sustainably drive the transformation that all companies are currently undergoing. From the office to industrial environments, our business solutions and financial services are designed to make daily work more productive, regardless of where it takes place. Today, Xerox scientists and engineers continue our legacy of innovation with disruptive technologies in digital transformation, augmented reality, robotic process automation, additive manufacturing, Industrial Internet of Things, and clean technologies.

Could you tell us about your professional career and your current role at Xerox?

I started in Xerox's sales department and, after 25 years, I am now leading the company in Spain. I have a degree in Law, which is very unusual in senior IT management. However, my curiosity to learn and the internal training I was provided with at Xerox helped me shape my leadership profile. I was in charge of the Channel Management for Southern Europe, VP of Channel Expansion and MPS Europe. Eight years ago, I led the global area and for the past two years, I have had the honor of leading Xerox in Spain at a crucial moment of transformation for humanity at all levels, and both from a technological and a social perspective. Recently, I have also taken on the role of VP of Channel for EMEA.

What sets Xerox apart or of what are you most proud of at Xerox?

Xerox is a company with a diverse and talented workforce. Already in the 1960s, employees with good ideas and creativity were rewarded. Joe Wilson said that they did not want to do things as they had always been done, and this has been engraved in the company's values. This company takes risks and encourages you to try new ideas. If we go back over the last 50 years, we can see the innovative inventions that emerged from Xerox PARC and revolutionized the market. Currently, we continue to develop technologies that have and will have a significant impact on the future. Social responsibility, commitment to digital transformation, the ability to connect with employees, and a willingness to continuous learning are the new leadership skills most in demand. However, all of these were considered at Xerox before all organizations jumped on this bandwagon.

What role does diversity play within your company?

Diversity is part of Xerox's corporate culture and values. We advocate for diversity because it is an essential concept that goes beyond gender. Undoubtedly, one of the greatest lessons I have learned in my career is working with diverse teams that include people from different backgrounds, cultural baggage, and age. They have all contributed to my personal development, and the vast majority of them have added their grain of sand to my professional growth.

I also consider it essential for any company to have conciliation policies. At Xerox, we promote these policies so that no worker halts their professional progress due to having a family. Empathy means understanding employee's needs and taking action to meet them. Good intentions are not enough, they need to be accompanied by action. 

Why did you choose to partner with AmChamSpain?

Being a partner of AmChamSpain gives you the opportunity to connect with professionals from different organizations. Relating and sharing ideas with colleagues from different sectors helps generate new knowledge by learning from the experiences and best practices of other partners. It also promotes talent development, which is essential for organizations to move forward.

27 Mar 2023