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FTI consulting
09 Dec 2020

Challenges and prospects for the Ecological Transition after Covid-19: How to link climate action policies to EU recovery funds.

Spain continues on the path to establish the regulatory framework that allows it to meet the objectives set by the Paris Agreement and the “Green Deal”. The government has placed climate action at the center of its political agenda to rebuild and transform the country's economy and is currently accelerating the development and approval of various pieces of legislation as part of the ecological and energy transition. Likewise, the expected economic aid that Spain will receive from community institutions to alleviate the crisis generated by Covid-19, will mean a great opportunity to implement policies that accelerate a "green" economic recovery.
Join this webinar that will feature industry representatives as well as policy makers who will share their views and perspectives on this hot topic. Register here or contact FTI Consulting for more information.
16 Dec 2020

White Hat: Improve Your Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has always been important. The current situation and teleworking make it even more important.
On December 16th, we will review several points related to cybersecurity in companies. What is important to take into account at this time? What are the most common cybersecurity failures in Spanish companies? How can they be remedied? What can be done to improve your cybersecurity? These and other questions will be answered during this event.
Gema Sanz, Business Development and IR Director of Madrid Network will moderate a table with the super experts in cybersecurity:
- Marco Lozano, Head of Corporate Cybersecurity Services at INCIBE
- Félix Muñoz of Entelgy Innotec
- José Manuel Avalos
- Raúl Sanchez, CEO of Mnemo
- Fernando Cocho, Professor at the CISDE International Campus of Security and Defence
- Tomas Castro, CEO of Proconsi
- Javier Saldaña, Director of Innovation at Ayming
delta air lines
25 Nov 2020

Delta the only U.S. airline to block middle seats, limit onboard capacity until March 30, 2021

Delta will continue delivering on its industry-leading commitment to provide more space for customers as the only U.S. airline blocking middle seats for flights departing now until March 30, 2021.
As more medical experts agree on the safety of air travel thanks to the multiple layers of protection provided under the Delta CareStandard, blocking seats into spring 2021 provides added confidence and reassurance for customers booking future travel plans.
25 Nov 2020

Neoelectra Energía climbs to position No.20 4 years after entering the market according to the CNMC ranking

Within 1 year Neoelectra Energía has achieved a rise of 3 positions in the ranking of natural gas traders of the CNMC, ranking at No.20 in Spain. Taking into account that the company entered the market in 2016, it is enjoying a privileged position. Maintaining 1.5 TWh / year of sales volume to date, in an especially complex year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Quarterly Supervision report of the Natural Gas Retail Market in Spain, which positions Neoelectra Energía ahead of renowned companies such as Nexus, Audax, Aldro Energía, Fenie Energía, Odf, Holaluz, includes the analysis of 89 marketers that supply natural gas to end customers in the Spanish market.
The Director of Neoelectra Energía, Sergio Maynar, confirmed that "the next challenges are expansion to Portugal and Chile, entering into the commercialization of both electricity and natural gas and the commercialization of CO2 emission rights. Steps through which the company it is consolidating itself as an energy partner for industrial clients in the national market, Europe and LatAm”.
delta air lines
19 Nov 2020

Delta wins record 10th Business Travel News award on strength of pandemic response, people-first approach

For the 10th year in a row, corporate travel professionals have named Delta the No. 1 airline in the annual Business Travel News Airline Survey, with significant improvements over the airline’s already-leading 2019 scores.
18 Nov 2020

The program “Give it a Turn” of El País makes a report on Neoelectra Aran facilities, an example of sustainability and circular economy

Neolectra Aran is grateful to the El País "Give it a Turn" Program for the fantastic report made on its facilities.
A clear example of circular economy and sustainability, which are part of the Group's "core business". This report summarizes the electrical and thermal generation process, the recovery of food CO2 of purity higher than 99.9% and the delivery of thermal energy to the Caviar Nacarii fish farm, dedicated to the breeding of sturgeons with an annual production of 850 kilos.
17 Nov 2020

An innovative CSR program

People's well-being has a direct impact on their professional performance and motivation, and in this year that is being a challenge for everyone, United Way Foundation in collaboration with the Wellness Coach Institute wants to introduce you to an innovative proposal of online workshops especially aimed at Human Resources and/or CSR departments, as a tool that will help increase the well-being and commitment to the company of your employees.
As you know, United Way Spain promotes the wellbeing of the community, as it is what makes them stronger to face challenges, so this initiative is totally aligned with their mission to advance the common good, thus promoting better health for all. They have two objectives: to introduce you to these innovative wellness workshops, which will help your employees to become aware of the importance of health, for both body and mind, and at the same time, to make it easier for the company and its employees to get involved in an action with social impact. 
The workshops will be held in exchange for a donation to the campaign #United2Help
nippon gases
16 Nov 2020

Nippon Gases launches its new corporate website

Nippon Gases, part of the Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation, a strategic partner for industrial and medical gases in Europe, recently announced the launch of its new corporate website with a completely renovated modern design and a full update of its extensive portfolio of application solutions.
The new website, active today in 13 countries and 10 different languages, offers a renewed and simplified browsing user experience from any device allowing for better understanding of who they are and what they have to offer. In addition, the website reflects the new philosophy and vision of the corporation: innovative, proactive and collaborative, capable of making life better through gas technology thanks to a wide portfolio with hundreds of solutions across many different markets.
Additionally, the website provides: a new download center enabling single access to documentation about safety, quality, policies, or marketing materials and reports; access to their digital services or ecommerce; an easy tool to locate the nearest distribution point; a European press center; and an events calendar. These are just some of the new features designed to improve your user experience. 
“Our website is the reflection of who we are, what we do and what we stand for: a safe, compliant, sustainable, diverse, inclusive and talented industrial and medical gases company. In the society in which we live, this website is, more than ever, our introduction card. And we also want it to be our invitation to explore our company” said Eduardo Gil, President of Nippon Gases. 
To learn more about Nippon Gases, please visit the website. 
fundacion prodis
10 Nov 2020

Fundación Prodis seek ambassadors for the challenge 'No house without a Prodis calendar'

Every year, since 2011 Fundación Prodis produces around 25,000 units of a practical and endearing calendar with its wall and table versions that its young people distribute with the illusion of feeling that they are part of something very big. This year due to the situation they are going through, they have to reinvent the distribution of their calendars.
They need ambassadors like you
Their usual ambassadors need for this task that they always carry out with such enthusiasm to people like you, with commitment and with the desire to help create a society in which we all have the capacities we have, learn from each other, let's learn from each other, to obtain a full life and a more fair society.
Your commitment will consist in helping them to reach the maximum number of homes, offices with their calendars ... 'No house without a Prodis calendar' By purchasing the amount you can from their Prodishop store and distributing them to your loved ones.
How to become a #EmbjadorProdis:
- Have at least 5 friends with whom to share the generous act of acquiring a Prodis calendar.
- Enter and purchase the number of calendars that you think you can distribute (minimum 5). In ‘Observations’ Indicate ‘Prodis Ambassador’
- You will receive the calendars, your certificate and your badge at the address you indicate.
- Share your commitment with the networks with the hashtags #SoyEmbajadorProdis and # CalendarProdis2021
- Distribute the calendars. You already know that the donation is 6 euros.
Receive your Prodis Ambassador Pack
- Calendars (the ones you have requested).
- Welcome letter from our president.
- Badge bracelet.
nippon gases
06 Nov 2020

Nippon Gases Europe adopts new Philosophy and Vision

As part of the globalization strategy of the Taiyo Nippon Sanso (TNSC) Group with the incorporation of a global holding company Nippon Sanso Holdings per October 1st, 2020, Nippon Gases Europe will adopt and embrace the new corporate Philosophy and Vision that will constitute the foundations of Nippon Sanso Holdings.
The new holding will be the parent company to the TNSC Japan industrial gas business, the US Matheson Tri-Gas Group, the European Nippon Gases Europe, the Asia/Oceania Regional Group and Thermos Business Group. With this new holding company the TNSC group takes a further step in the strategic direction of boosting synergies and strengthening a global brand that responds to the needs of our employees, customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders.
New Philosophy:
Proactive. Innovative. Collaborative.
Making life better through gas technology.
The Gas Professionals.
New Vision:
We aim to create social value through innovative gas solutions that increase industrial productivity, enhance human well-being and contribute to a more sustainable future.
Both, new philosophy and vision, combine innovative collaboration with social and human commitment, placing our gas solutions at the service of a more sustainable future. “As the great company we are, we also hold a social responsibility that we fully embrace. This philosophy and vision are our commitment to our employees, customers, patients, society and environment. It helps us summarizing in clear and practical words what stakeholders can expect from us- and no doubt it is a compelling commitment that requires the contribution of each employee.” said Eduardo Gil, President of Nippon Gases. “The TNSC Group has everything it takes to lead the way and having the support of a Global Holding company will be key in this process, starting with one Group Philosophy and one Group Vision.”
29 Oct 2020

Adsis Foundation - Youth Employment Project

Fundación Adsis is a non-profit organization that, for more than 50 years, has been fighting to build a more fair, supportive and inclusive society. They work from closeness and support, committed to the most vulnerable people so that they can develop their life projects.
Their mission would be impossible to undertake without the invaluable collaboration and commitment of great friendly companies that accompany them in all their projects, offering opportunities for a better future to their beneficiaries. They are very honored to count on the active collaboration of corporations such as La Caixa, DHL, Correos Express, Integra International, Bauhaus, Mediamarkt, Leroy Merlin, Ikea, Covirán, Auchan, Carrefour, Condis, Amazon, Mercadona, Adecco, Ilunion Hotels, Big Mamma Group, Ilunion Hotels, Alsea, Telefónica, Repsol or Aena, among others.
They would like to take this opportunity to tell you about an ambitious project they have been working on for two years in Madrid, financed by the prestigious international banking firm JP Morgan Chase, in which they are training 80 young people in vulnerable situations, in collaboration with relevant companies of great logistics activity.
Likewise, this project entails a study on youth employment, the social contribution of the business environment as a generator of job opportunities and the emergence of new technologies. To do this, they have designed a survey that they would like to present you, inviting you to participate (it would be a real luxury to have your support!).
28 Oct 2020

Dow Pack Studios Tarragona sets packaging industry up for sustainable success

Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, a business unit of Dow (NYSE: DOW), introduces Pack Studios Tarragona, the 10th in a global network of Pack Studios sites helping customers address packaging sustainability by providing a testing platform to shorten development cycles for new formats and load stability innovation. Dow ha inaugurated Pack Studios Tarragona with a Virtual Grand Opening on 28 October.
“Designed to serve the packaging industry by accelerating innovation and supporting the industry’s sustainability goals, our Pack Studios in Tarragona is the result of several years of development,” said Felip Vidiella, EMEA Senior R&D Director at Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics. “Pack Studios Tarragona is equipped with state-of-the-art film production and testing capabilities for primary and secondary packaging applications in food and industrial packaging, health and hygiene materials, as well as adhesive innovation in labels.”  
“This new Pack Studios represents our strong commitment to the industry’s move to a circular economy”, said Marco ten Bruggencate, EMEA Commercial Vice President at Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics.
16 Oct 2020

Health and safety key to Five Guys' new normality

The situation in which we find ourselves is transforming the world in which we live by leaps and bounds and is causing us to modify many day-to-day habits that we took for granted. The rules of the game have changed, for the entire hospitality industry, so Five Guys has adapted to this new present in the best and most enthusiastic way possible.
For a family business like Five Guys, this is a challenge that must be met together, like good families. But, above all, with great caution and always bearing in mind that the safety of its employees and customers is above all else.
To read the whole news, visit the web.
28 Oct 2020

ELZABURU: Best IP law firm at the Expansión Legal Awards 2020

ELZABURU has been chosen as the best specialised IP law firm at the fifth edition of the Expansión Legal Awards, rewarding excellence in business law practice. This year there were more than 230 candidates from 85 different law firms, beating all previous records for participation.
15 Oct 2020

Marcos Fabregas-Dittmann, new country director of Eaton Iberia

Eaton, a leading energy management company, has appointed Marcos Fabregas-Dittmann as the company's new country director in Iberia. The objective of this incorporation is to boost Eaton Electrical's business in a scenario of change and interesting opportunities in the electrical sector and data center equipment.
Marcos Fabregas-Dittmann, has 20 years of experience in sales, strategy consulting, operations, business development and business management, all in an industrial and international context, where he has led transformation, growth and commercial excellence projects.
Before joining Eaton Electrical, Marcos has held positions of responsibility in companies such as Emerson, Tyco, Ingersoll Rand and Kearney.
“I am very excited to join the great team that is Eaton Iberia, and very impressed by the strong values ​​that the company has regarding technological innovation, sustainability, commitment to people and ethics. Customer service and teamwork with our distributors and partners are some aspects that I consider essential on a day-to-day basis, and that's something Eaton is brimming with. I hope to contribute all my expertise to help develop and implement a growth plan for the business together with the rest of the team in Spain and Portugal ”, says the executive.
Marcos is a partner and collaborator of the United States Chamber of Commerce in Spain. In addition, he is also a business mentor for technology companies at the Madri + d Knowledge Foundation.
Alting Real State
08 Oct 2020

At Alting we work on the 2020 Transformation Plan addressing new challenges and objectives

At Alting, this 2020 we are immersed in a new stage with the "2020 Transformation Plan" in which we are addressing structural changes in the field of innovation throughout the Company for its adaptation and present and future growth.
The plan includes major challenges, such as the digitization of the Company, the implementation of teleworking, flexibility, the modernization of the offices and the updating of Alting's corporate image together with the launch of a new website.
Adapting new ways of working for new times.
The Marketing and Communication area has worked on the new corporate image, where it is worth highlighting a logo with more current lines but that maintains the characteristic seal of our company and a new, more dynamic and intuitive website that allows us to know first-hand everything corporate information, as well as our services.
In changing times. Our values ​​make us stronger.
MCE logo
05 Oct 2020

AMA CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL IN MANAGEMENT “The new standard for management excellence”

American Management Association, is a global and leading provider of management training.
To detect current leadership and the standard of excellence in management, AMA has conducted a global survey with nearly 12,000 managers from different levels, geographies and industries. The revealing result shows the areas that companies need further development of their managers and directors to meet the demands of the current market.
AMA has leveraged its nearly 100 years of knowledge and experience to bridge this gap and has compiled the “AMA Certificate in Professional Management-CPM”. This comprehensive management certification helps individuals affirm and showcase their knowledge and skills in management, while enabling organizations to identify and hire qualified managers who have met a set of established and recognized criteria.
AMA-MCE invites you to the next briefing event to understand the corporate benefits that CPM brings.
01 Oct 2020

"All to one" towards the energy transition

On September 24rd, "All to one towards the energy transition" writen by José Antonio Afonso, manager of Commercial Building at Eaton Iberia. 
17 Sep 2020

Is it safe to travel? "Check the levels of protection that Delta has implemented

Although most customers have been at home since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many processes have changed at Delta to transform cleanliness and security so that you feel more secure when traveling again.
They call it the “Delta CareStandard,” and it includes levels of protection throughout the journey to provide clean surfaces, more space on board, and a safer service for customers and employees.
But what is the Delta CareStandard really? You can see it for yourself, long before you set foot in an airport. The Delta CareStandard video demystifies the current travel experience by taking you through the levels of protection that customers may encounter the next time they travel with Delta.
From your arrival at the check-in area, through security filters, the gate, on board and in the baggage claim area at your final destination, Delta CareStandard is the airline's way of ensuring that you you can feel safe during your trip.
Delta is constantly updating best practices and improving the new standard of care based on the advice of medical experts and customer feedback. Using the same innovative spirit for which they are known, they will continue to evolve and seek to improve with cleanliness and safety as a priority.
16 Sep 2020

Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona has reopened its doors

Since 1st September the apartments Majestic Residence and the rooftop La Dolce Vitae at Majestic Hotel & Spa are at your disposal. Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona 5*GL will open its rooms and suites on 1st October 2020, becoming therefore, the first hotel of its category opened on Paseo de Gracia.
Clarity AI
10 Sep 2020

Clarity AI has been selected to join the World Economic Forum TechPioneers Class of 2020

Clarity AI is a global FinTech providing a state-of-the-art technology platform to help investors design sustainable investment strategies and manage their portfolios for impact, and companies understand and improve their sustainability performance. We leverage technology, artificial intelligence and the highest research standards to be able to measure and assess ESG risk, social impact and impact on SDGs, among other specialized modules. Our mission is to bring societal impact to markets.
We are thrilled to announce that we have been selected by the World Economic Forum to join the TechPioneers Class of 2020! We will continue paving the way forward through our use of AI to optimize the sustainability and societal impact of investment decisions! 
Abbott logo
09 Sep 2020

Abbott launches an easy-to-use, portable, rapid antigen test in Spain with results in 15 minutes to improve COVID-19 testing capabilities

Abbott announced that it has received CE certification for its Panbio ™ COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test Device for the detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in people suspected of having COVID-19.
The Rapid Antigen Test, which is licensed for use by healthcare professionals, requires no instrumentation and results are obtained in as little as 15 minutes, making it a valuable tool for large-scale testing in a variety of population settings . The Panbio COVID-19 Ag Test is a reliable, affordable, portable, and expandable option for testing for COVID-19.
Rapid antigen testing can also be a very useful tool to support public health strategies, such as contact tracing and large-scale testing of people suspected of having an active infection. Rapid antigen tests allow frequent testing of COVID-19 on a large scale and thus quickly identify infected people and reduce the spread of the virus, ”said José Antonio Leal, commercial director of Abbott. Abbott is working with national authorities to implement these tests in Spain.
Preliminary results from an Abbott clinical study of 241 samples showed that the Panbio COVID-19 Ag test has a sensitivity of 93.3% and a specificity of 99.4% in people suspected of being exposed to COVID-19 or who had symptoms in the past seven days.
Neoelectra Energy
08 Sep 2020

Neoelectra Energía begins to supply electricity to Grupo Solitium

Neoelectra Energía, electricity and natural gas company, continues to increase its client portfolio this 2020, after having recently closed a commercial agreement with Grupo Solitium to supply it with electricity. Thank you to this operation, it consolidates itself as an energy partner of Grupo Solitium, a company with national coverage that offers computer and print management solutions for companies.
Neoelectra Energía enjoys a privileged position as it belongs to a long-standing Group with its own generation, allowing it to make all of Neoelectra's Know How available to its customers.
04 Sep 2020

Audalia HR Lab Announces Partnership Agreement with Cornerstone OnDemand

Audalia HR Lab, the unit specialized in the digitization and transformation of the human resources function of professional services firm Audalia Nexia, and Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSOD), a global leader in people development solutions, today announced the partnership agreement with Cornerstone OnDemand.
Following Cornerstone’s recent acquisition of Saba Software, Cornerstone has an expanded reach and ability to help a larger, diverse group of clients realise the potential of their people with the right learning and development opportunities. The combined company has more than 75 million users and serves approximately 7,000 organizations, of all sizes, around the globe.

Javier Alió, managing partner of Audalia HR Lab comments, "the partnership agreement with Cornerstone allows us to offer an industry-leading portfolio of solutions for the attraction and development of talent. Together we can be even more innovative and bring great value to our customers". He added that, "Cornerstone's value proposition is a key differential in the market, with a clear commitment to training and developing people in an environment of maximum uncertainty where employee reskilling/upskilling is already being decisive in the success of companies. The artificial intelligence technology provided by Cornerstone is a huge catalyst for this process, and also greatly improves the employee experience."

‘We are very pleased to collaborate with Audalia HR Lab to help organisations of all sizes and industries in Spain to accelerate their digital transformation," said Marc Altimiras, Area Vice President for Southern Europe, Cornerstone OnDemand.

06 Jul 2020

Google gives a Digital Digital Boost ’for the economic recovery of Spain

The situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the lockdown of the population and the forced closure of businesses, has put many companies in an unprecedented situation. At the same time, staying at home has reinforced the fundamental role that technology plays in our lives, accelerating the trends that we hoped to incorporate in a much longer period of time. However, only 14% of SMBs have a digitization plan. The keys to recovery and to face future challenges are to accelerate a transformation that allows companies to diversify their services, find new sources of income and be prepared for a new normality where digital will be essential. 

For this reason, Google Spain has announced its collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism to launch 'Impulso Digital', a campaign that seeks to support Spanish companies in their digitization, especially SMBs, in addition to promoting national and international tourism and digital training.

The project also includes the "Digital Impulse platform with Google" (link:, which brings together free tools, guides and training aimed at the development of companies and professionals on a single website.

This initiative is part of the commitment that Google has announced this July 1 (link:  to help 10 million people and companies to go digital and grow in Europe, the Middle East and Africa over the next 18 months.