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At the US Chamber of Commerce In Spain we work to guarantee privacy in the treatment of your personal data in accordance with the European Regulation 2016/679 of April 27 and the Data Protection Law 3/2018. We have updated our Privacy Policy to clearly inform how we collect, use and safeguard the data of the people who contact or wish to be part of the Chamber:

Responsible for the Treatment

The interested party that provides the US Chamber of Commerce In Spain, your personal data through our website or through other means (for example, social networks) is informed that the processing of your data is carried out by:

US Chamber of Commerce in Spain

CIF: V-08488835

Registered office at Plaza Francesc Macià 5, 1º-1ª, 08021 in Barcelona.
Telephone: 93 415 99 63 Fax: 93 415 11 98


Responsible for the Treatment

The interested party that provides the US Chamber of Commerce In Spain, your personal data through our website or through other means (for example, social networks) is informed that the processing of your data is carried out by: US Chamber of Commerce in Spain

CIF: V-08488835

Registered office at Plaza Francesc Macià 5, 1º-1ª, 08021 in Barcelona.

Telephone: 93 415 99 63 Fax: 93 415 11 98


Data Protection Officer

We also inform you that we have a Data Protection Officer (DPD) who ensures compliance with data protection regulations and the contact details of our DPD are:





Purposes of data processing

At the US Chamber of Commerce In Spain, data processing is carried out for the following purposes, depending on the reason for which you have provided it to us:

  1. Contact the sender of the information, respond to your request, request or inquiry and follow up later.
  2. Manage, where appropriate, the registration as an associate of the Chamber and the directors, members or employees who are designated as the Associate's representation, the administration and daily management of the Chamber's activities and their coordination and execution. Billing and collection of services provided.
  3. Manage and control the portfolio of associates, interested parties or applicants regarding the sending of communications (Newletter) through our platform.
  4. Promote through our events, meetings and committees, the relationship between our associates and Spanish and American companies.
  5. The promotion of all the activities of the Chamber through photographs or videos that are published on our website or social forums
  6. Sharing the latest about the activities of the Young Leaders Network and other organized committees, collecting professional contact data and the option to allow us to publish your image and LinkedIn profile on our website.
  7. All purposes are limited and related to the main objective of the Chamber, which is the provision of services that promote the advantages and benefits to our associates and the promotion of events that are of interest to their activity.
  8. The commercialization of Company Directories when this belongs to the strictly professional sphere.
  9. Management of registration for diverse events both online and in person events.


Duration of data processing

  • The data necessary for the management of the relationship with the associate and the billing and collection of services will be kept throughout the time that the contract is in force or, failing that, respecting legally binding deadlines. Once this relationship has ended, where appropriate, the data may be kept for the time required by applicable law and until the possible responsibilities arising from the contract prescribe. (Locked)
  • The data for the management of queries and requests will be kept for the time necessary to respond to them.
  • The data for sending email communications about our events and acts that are organized will be kept indefinitely until, where appropriate, you indicate your willingness to delete them. (This treatment will require specific consent)

Speakers' Treatment at AmChamSpain Events

If you participate as a speaker or moderator in the various events organized by AmChamSpain, we would like to inform you of the following: 

As the organizer of the event, AmChamSpain disseminates, records, and reproduces the content of the presentations for informational and educational purposes related to the conference or event, and never for commercial purposes. 

The treatment of your data includes the use of your professional identification data, any of the provided biographical information, as well as the recording (either voice or video), photographs, or graphic images of the event. 

The permission granted includes the following treatments: the use of PowerPoint presentations, documents, graphics or tables, your name, recording of your voice or video, photographs or images, and the biographical information you provide. 

Possible uses of the presentation include the inclusion of AmChamSpain's website, webcasting during the event, and providing the public with a copy of the materials generated from your presentation, if applicable. All of this is done without any right to financial compensation. 

This processing is based on the necessity of processing for the legitimate interests pursued by the data controller.  

Legitimation for data processing

  • The legal basis for the treatment of your data for the above purposes is the execution of the provision of the corresponding service or associate contract.
  • The data will be kept as long as there is a mutual interest of the parties, either due to the validity of the contract or consent. On the other hand, the data will remain in the Chamber in compliance with mandatory regulations and until the prescription periods are exceeded.
  • The provision of unequivocal consent.
  • The satisfaction of the legitimate business interest consisting in being able to offer our associates the contracting of services. Said legitimate interest is recognized by the applicable legal regulations (General Data Protection Regulation), which expressly allows the processing of personal data on that legal basis for direct marketing purposes. (Your specific consent is required)


However, we remind you that you have the right to object to this processing of your data, and may do so by any of the means described in this Policy.

  • The basis for sending communications to non-customer users is the consent that has been provided in the form or request, and may be revoked at any time. The withdrawal of said consent will not affect in any case the execution of the contract, but the data processing for this purpose carried out previously will not lose their legality due to the fact that the consent has been revoked.

In accordance with article 19 of the Organic Law on Data Protection of 3/2018 of December 5 and art. 6.1 f) of the RGPD, it is presumed that the treatments carried out with contact data, individual entrepreneurs and liberal professionals, are lawful, since they are only data necessary for their professional location and in order to maintain relations with the legal person in The one that the affected provides its services. This legality extends to individual entrepreneurs and liberal professionals.


Disclosure of your data

The data may be communicated to the following entities:

  • To our collaborators or partners, necessary for the execution of the requested service, either based on prior consent or when it responds to the free and legitimate acceptance of a legal relationship whose development, compliance and control necessarily implies the connection of said treatment with that of the third.
  • Specifically to our partners, when they are the organizers of an event, meeting or committee, considering that their registration or registration, whether partner or non-member, implies the consent of said communication or transfer to the entities sponsoring the event, to Authorities for reasons security and, where appropriate, among the same participants in order to meet the attendees.
  • In relation to subcontracting, whether to implement security measures or to ensure the availability and integrity of the information it holds, it has contracted the SalesForce Platform.
  • To the financial entities through which the management of collections and payments is articulated.
  • To the competent public administrations, in the cases provided for in the Law and for the purposes defined therein, or when required by compliance with legal regulations.

All the activities of the Chamber are also promoted with photographs that are published on its website and social forums.


Your rights

Everyone who provides us with their data has the following rights:

  • Associates or interested parties can exercise the right of access, rectification, opposition or deletion at the address that appears in the information by layer (establishment or by email or at the address of the beginning of the writing), as well as through our website . We also inform the possible affected parties that they have the right to request the right to the portability of their data, where appropriate, to the limitation of the treatment that is carried out when the purpose no longer exists or the specific opposition to a specific treatment.
  • The interested party or affected by the treatment, have the right to withdraw their consent at any time.
  • Finally, the client or affected user has the right to contact the Data Protection Agency or another competent control authority, an entity that manages any aspect related to the application of data protection regulations and where the user can report or defend their interests in the case that it deems appropriate, the website is

International transfers

Your data is not transmitted outside the European Union, in your case, it would be necessary to request your express consent.

Implementation of security measures

“AmchamSpain” has adopted the necessary technical and organizational measures to guarantee data security and to prevent the data from being altered, lost or processed without authorization, taking into account the state of the technology, the type of data stored and the risks to which it is exposed, whether arising from human action or from the physical or natural environment. Technical and organizational measures have been adopted to achieve basic security objectives such as: confidentiality, understood as limiting access to information by unauthorized persons; integrity, understood as the maintenance of reliable, high quality information; and availability, understood as guaranteed access to the information system at the request of an authorized user.


Third party data

If you provide data from third parties, you assume the responsibility of informing them beforehand of the provisions of Article 14 of the General Data Protection Regulation pursuant to the conditions established therein.


Updating your data

If your information changes or if you detect any data that is incorrect, please notify us so that we can correct it and keep the information up to date.


Basic information on information channels and how to exercise your rights

1.- Email:

2.- Telephone: Call 93 415 99 63 to speak with a customer service representative

3.- Visit our offices. Plaza Francesc Macià 5, 1º-1ª, 08021 in Barcelona.

  1. See the disclaimers on our website at, specifically the sections titled "Legal notice", "Privacy Policy" and contact forms.


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