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Under the information obligation laid down in Article 10 of Law No. 34/2002 of July 11, 2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, the following data is provided:

The owner of this website is “American Chamber of Commerce in Spain”, whose address is Plaza Francesc Macià 5, 1º-1ª, 08021, Barcelona and whose Tax Identification Number (CIF) is V-08488835, and whose entry in the Registry of Associations appears under Group 1, Section 1, Number 2027. Contact email:

The information contained in relates to the various services offered to all its affiliates by “American Chamber of Commerce in Spain” (“AmChamSpain”), which aims to defend and represent the interests of companies from the USA in Spain and vice versa, to boost their image abroad, to promote the flow all kinds of trade between the aforementioned companies, to provide a meeting place through the organization of different social, political and educational events, and to offer access to content of various kinds.



To access the website, you must accept the current conditions of use, privacy policy and legal notice contained therein at any given time, without the need for prior notice. By browsing or using this website, you unequivocally accept the above.



The source code, graphic design, images, photographs, animations, software, text, information and content found on are protected by Spanish legislation on intellectual and industrial property rights in favor of “AmChamSpain”. You may not fully or partially reproduce this website, subject it to computer processing, publicly disclose it, or distribute, disseminate, modify, transform or disassemble it without the prior written permission of its owner, “AmChamSpain”, under Article 8 and the second paragraph of Article 32 of the Intellectual Property Act.

You may only use the materials appearing on this website for personal and private use, and you are forbidden from using them for commercial purposes or for conducting illegal activities. All the intellectual property rights are expressly reserved by “AmChamSpain”.

“AmChamSpain” will ensure that the above conditions are met and the contents presented in its portal are properly used. In the event of infringement or breach of those rights by the user, it will commence whatever criminal or civil proceedings are necessary.



Access to the website or its use does not involve users’ personal data being gathered by “AmChamSpain”. However, you are hereby informed that should “AmChamSpain” request personal data, consent will be duly obtained and the user will be duly informed under the European Regulation and Law 3/2008, of December 5th, on Personal Data Protection (contact forms or any services request, registration as a member).

The personal data gathered in the information request forms of “AmChamSpain” will be subject to combined processing and will be incorporated into the relevant records owned by “AmChamSpain”.

The collection and combined processing of personal data is intended to maintain the contractual relationship established with “AmChamSpain” whenever appropriate, and to manage, administer, report, provide and improve the services for which the affiliate decides to sign up, such as the different events.

Besides the data concerning all the services provided, the strictly commercial data of the companies and their contact persons is exchanged with other affiliates and third-party companies in order to strengthen the relationships between affiliates and Spanish third-party companies (always subject to the prior consent of those affected).

The contact persons of the affiliates and third-party companies concerned will form part of a database enabling them to receive communications about our events and content which may be of interest, such as legislation and related matters.

“AmChamSpain” has taken the necessary technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security of the data and protect it from unauthorized alteration, loss, processing or access taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which it is exposed (whether from human actions or the physical or natural environment). It will adopt the necessary technical and organizational measures to meet basic security objectives on confidentiality (understood as the limitation of access to information by unauthorized persons), integrity (understood as the maintenance of reliable high-quality information), and availability (understood as guaranteed access to the Information System through a request by an authorized user).

This party bears no liability for the falsity of the information provided, and may exercise and refuse to waive its right to take any actions which may arise from such falsity.

The corporation does not currently transfer its data, except when the affiliate or applicant registers for organized events, in which case his/her data is provided to the organizers. In any event, any possible transfer will be covered by the statutory legislation or subject to the explicit consent of the data subject.



Cookies are small files transferred by our computer to your computer which do not reveal to us your name or any other personal data. The website uses cookies for operational, security and statistical purposes only. The cookies we use cannot read data from your computer nor read cookies from other websites stored on your computer. If you wish, you can configure your browser to display a notice on your screen that you will receive a cookie. If the user decides he/she does not want his/her computer to receive these cookies, that will not prevent him/her accessing the information from the website (the content of cookies may be found in the Cookies Policy).



“AmChamSpain” has appointed Marta Martorell and Juan Ruiz as the individuals responsible for security.

Purpose of the processing: Management of the Chamber’s activities and its events, dispatch of communications to our affiliates and their contact persons, dispatch of communications to third parties interested in the activities we organize and related activities on the website (registration of affiliates, events, workshops, newsletter).

Legitimization: The legal conditions are accepted in two ways: through the provision of unequivocal express consent when contracts are signed or through our website.

The Chamber processes minimal personal data on the contact persons or members of the companies in the strictly professional sphere and a B2B context.

Recipients: Data will not be sent to third parties except in the case of legal obligations or transfers necessary for contractual compliance. Emails will be sent through SendinBlue or another service provider that substitutes it.

Data will only be transferred to the organizers or hosts of the events, meetings and committees, should the applicant register or participate, to the authorities for security reasons, or between the participants of the activity, as the case may be.

On the other hand, the Chamber promotes its activities through photos on its website and social forums.

Rights: Affiliates or applicants may exercise their right of access, rectification, objection or deletion using the address stated in the information (by visiting the establishment or the address at the top of the letter, through email, or through our website). We also inform possible applicants that they are entitled to ask for the right to data portability, when appropriate, to request the restriction of processing when the data is no longer needed, or to specifically object to a specific form of processing.

The applicant or person affected by the processing is entitled to withdraw his/her consent at any given time.

Finally, the affected customer or user is entitled to contact the Data Protection Agency, the body responsible for managing any aspect related to the application of the data protection legislation, to make a complaint or defend their interests whenever deemed appropriate, the website being

Source: The source is the data subject himself/herself. The data processed is general basic identification data.

Storage of the data: Data will be kept while it is in both parties’ mutual interest and the contract or consent given is still valid.

International transfers: Currently no international transfers are made.


Additional Information: Channels of information:

1.- Email:

2.- Telephone: Call our customer service line 93-415 99 63 to talk to our staff

3.- Through the establishment itself: Plaza Francesc Macià 5, 1º 1ª, 08021, Barcelona.

4.- Through our legal texts presented on the website, specifically in the Legal Notice”, “Privacy Policy” and contact form sections.



“AmChamSpain” is not liable for any possible damages arising as a consequence of the use of the content of the website, the user accessing the content being solely liable.

In the same respect, “AmChamSpain” is not liable for any possible damages arising from the use of an out-of-date or defective version of the browser, for interruptions in the connection during the transfer of data, for software viruses, for faults or disconnections in the operation of the electronic system, for downtime caused by deficiencies or overloads in the telephone lines, or for damages caused by third parties through unauthorized intrusion.

The “AmChamSpain” website contains links to other websites which may be of interest to users. “AmChamSpain” bears no liability for these links as it cannot guarantee they comply with the appropriate Privacy Policies. Therefore, the user accesses the content of the aforementioned websites under the conditions of use established in those websites and under his/her own responsibility.

“AmChamSpain” is not liable for the breach of any applicable law afflicting the user in his/her access to the website or in the use of the information contained therein.

At any given time and without the need for prior warning, “AmChamSpain” reserves the right to deny or limit any user’s access to restricted access content, whenever any of the aforementioned circumstances arise.



Any link from any website to our website, whether via hypertext, deep links, framing or any other type of virtual connection through telecommunications networks, must be requested and authorized in advance and in writing by “AmChamSpain”. By default, any links established to this website must be made on the homepage of the referring website.

Links made to third-party websites are only intended for guidance purposes, their objective being to provide the user with other sources of information which may be of interest.

“AmChamSpain” regularly reviews the content of its links. However, it is impossible to know at any given time the specific content of the proposed links. Therefore, we request the collaboration of any user accessing the aforementioned content in the case that said content infringes current legislation, offends public morality or threatens the public order by writing to us at

“AmChamSpain” uses social networks to promote its events and services to the biggest possible audience, but the participatory conditions are established by the social network itself. Furthermore, by making any service provision request, you accept the conditions of the legal notice and privacy policy.



In short, only the user is liable for the use that he/she makes of the services, content, links and hypertext included in the website



The personal data gathered through the different website forms is subject to the terms of our Privacy Policy.



At any given time and without the need for prior warning, “AmChamSpain” reserves the right to modify or update the information contained on its website or in its configuration and presentation. It also reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to the website on the grounds of possible necessity and to conduct maintenance, repairs or improvements, without the need for prior notice.

“AmChamSpain” reserves the right to add or remove any information totally or partially from the website, solely at its own discretion.



With regard to any disputes surrounding the interpretation, execution or possible breach of these conditions of use, users expressly agree to be subject to the courts of Barcelona, waiving their right to any other jurisdiction that may apply to them regardless of the location of any dispute.


In any event, these conditions will be governed by Spanish legislation.


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