The State of Play ahead of the US Midterm Elections

Today, our Chamber, together with IE university's School of Global Public Affairs celebrated the event "The State of Play Ahead of the Upcoming Midterm Elections" with the participation of Jon Decker, Gray TV’s White House correspondent.

During his intervention Decker shared with our members and IE students his opinions and thoughts on the last year of Joe Biden's presidency and what could be expected for the next few years, especially in light of the upcoming midterm elections.

For Decker, simply having a slight majority in the Senate or a 50/50 Senate is not enough for the President and if there is a Republican majority, Biden's legislative agenda will find itself stalling. Decker doesn't see the Republicans and Democrats joining together again on passing big and bold legislation in the upcoming years as they had for the recently approved infrastructure bill.

When asked about his prediction for the results of the upcoming elections, Decker stated that Ohio and Pennsylvania are decisive states, and the results there would be crucial for the midterm elections, however, it is difficult to make a prediction at the moment precisely because these states still haven't announced their candidates.

On the subject of the general elections, although Biden running for a second term still hasn’t been confirmed, one of the most important questions to ponder would be: “What does the President pursue? Will the President pursue a progressive agenda during the next two years, or will he shift toward the center and put himself in a “good position” for the General elections as Bill Clinton did in the past?”

The results of a general election with President Biden running for a second term would largely be affected by how the he chooses to manage policy and legislation in the next few years.