EFR Certification

It is a pleasure to announce that we have obtained the EFR certification in reconciliation and equality granted by Fundación MásFamilia. This official recognition is conferred to those companies that promote corporate responsibility and the reconciliation of personal and professional life. This certification indicates our commitment to the professional and personal development of our employees through the implementation of policies and measures that support it.


Fundación MásFamilia has measured the quality of employment, work flexibility, family support, personal and professional development, as well as equal opportunities in our activities. We have obtained good results in the auditing conducted thanks to the policies and measures implemented to maximize the professional and personal well-being of our employees.


"We believe that this certification represents a great step forward for any organization that supports this type of business culture. We are proud to have obtained this recognition and to serve as an example for others to support the implementation of good practices in their companies". - Marta Martorell, AmChamSpain's Director of Human Resources and Finance