Interviewing Ignacio Tolosa, CEO of Evidentia University

This week we have had the pleasure of interviewing our partner Ignacio Tolosa, CEO of Evidentia University.

Tell us briefly about your professional background and role in the company.

My background is primarily in the corporate world, from startups to large multinational companies. I’ve led multicultural teams through complex challenges in multiple business structures. I’ve worked in industries ranging from manufacturing chemical products and industrial supplies, to mass consumption, energy and professional services. In addition, I taught as an associate professor at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. As CEO of Evidentia University, and to consolidate the strategies that we define with the management team, my challenge is focused on getting the University up and running. To do this, we’re developing commercial alliances with different groups, associations and corporations in a way that allows us to attract a good number of students for our inaugural graduating classes. At the same time, I’m focused on ensuring that we bring together a very strong team and build each department of the institution on a solid foundation and in accordance with the strict compliance requirements of the Florida Department of Education.

When was Evidentia University created and for what purpose?

In June of this year, Evidentia University obtained its license from the Commission for Independent Education to operate and grant degrees in the State of Florida. This milestone has been possible thanks to the work and more than 14 years of experience of Behavior and Law, a pioneering training center in Spain specialized in these sciences, which has trained more than 4,000 students from different countries, especially Latin Americans, during this time period. We have also conducted research and organized conferences and symposiums, thus generating a global network of professionals and serving as a springboard for the creation of this new university. Our philosophy from the very beginning has been to create world-class programs where the learning experience exceeds that of traditional face-to-face education. We have been pioneers in 100% online education at a time when very few even trusted this educational model. For this reason, we treasure an experience that has opened the doors to the United States of America after passing the exhaustive criteria required by the Florida Administration.

Could you tell us more about the educational offerings of Evidentia University?

The University is made up of four major departments: Crime Science, Behavioral Sciences, Business and Behavior and Continuing Education. Master’s degrees in Criminal Profiling, Anti-Fraud Behavioral Analysis, Nonverbal and Deceptive Behavior and Behavioral Economics are now available. With this latest master’s degree, Evidentia University is committed to a revolution in the concepts of traditional economics by helping students understand how people make their economic decisions.

Likewise, Evidentia University provides a learning environment based on scientific evidence and focused on the student, which unites academia with professional development through a highly accredited international faculty.

Our teaching staff includes Mark Safarik, former agent of the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit; Erik Hickey, a forensic criminologist who works as a consultant to the FBI and other police forces on sex offender and serial killer cases; Dimitri Schmitow, a consultant specializing in marketing studies and behavioral economics; María José Garrido, Commander of the Civil Guard, with a PhD in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Forensic Sciences; and Alicia Juárez, member of the Behavioral Analysis Section (SAC) of the National Police, as well as other outstanding professionals and guest speakers who offer a unique perspective on the subject matter.

We are putting all our efforts and energy into making Evidentia University one of the most distinguished universities internationally in Behavioral and Forensic Sciences.

September enrollment in the master’s programs is now open at Evidentia University also offers scholarships and grants, which you can review online as well.

What factor differentiates you from other universities?

The core values of this new university are respect for the uniqueness of each individual, a passion for human growth and learning, fostering academic and professional research and contributing to social change and the meaning of community. Furthermore, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, teachers and students can connect with professionals from anywhere in the world, create live classes, activities and discussions, and of course, create high-quality recorded content.

Evidentia University of Behavioral & Forensic Sciences aims to lead global change in society by transforming the understanding of human behavior through research and innovation in education. In an age of artificial intelligence and digital transformation, we want to place the human being at the center again.

Why did you decide to become a member of AmChamSpain?

Our roots are deeply grounded in Spain and Latin America. In the process of establishing ourselves in one of the most developed and sophisticated educational systems in the world, we wanted to share our desire for internationalization with the members of AmChamSpain. We are convinced that by strengthening our networking and collaborating with other members, we can greatly enhance the development opportunities for our organizations.