Conversation with the Minister Alfonso Dastís

Yesterday we had the privilege of hosting the Honorable Alfonso Dastis, Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, in the most recent edition of AmChamSpain’s“Conversation Series.”


During his speech, the Minister highlighted not only the historical strength of transatlantic relations between the US and Spain, but also their current potence. According to the Minister, the ties between both counties are enjoying one of their best moments in history, given the period of economic prosperity which we are living worldwide, as well as the investment potential of Spanish companies and the Spanish economy’s high capacity for attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).


Moreover, Minister Dastis emphasized the high rate of internationalization of the Spanish economy, ranking 5th in the worldwide ranking and 9th in the ranking of largest investors in the US, two figures which clearly illustrate the “solid commercial exchange” which exists between both countries.


The Chairman of AmChamSpain, Jaime Malet, concluded the event by offering the support of the 100-year-old institution which he presides, in order to continue fortifying the economic relations between Spain and the US, which both believe will only continue to grow stronger over time.

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