Conversation with Pablo Casado, President of the Spanish Popular Party

On October 25th, we had the honor of hosting Pablo Casado, President of the Spanish Popular Party, in the latest edition of Dialogues on Competitiveness, Productivity and Internationalization of the Spanish Economy by AmChamSpain.


During his speech, the President pointed out the importance of transatlantic relations between the United States (USA) and Spain. According to the President, Atlantic trade flows are the largest in the world and that makes the US and also Spain a powerful player to take into account.


He focused on the five key points of the US-Spanish relationship, highlighting that Spain should be a hub for finance, energy, security, education and entrepreneurship. For Pablo Casado it is important that Spain adopt fiscal measures that attract the relocation of financial institutions searching for a new European partner after the Brexit. Regarding energy, the President mentioned that Spain already has the necessary infrastructure to continue innovating together with American companies.


“We have the ability to make all of this happen […] and we already have the infrastructure. It is a matter of adopting on fiscal and educational measures, and above all having a sensitive administration. “


The event concludes with a round of questions in which the members of the Chamber present their opinions and doubts regarding the President’s speech. The President of AmChamSpain, Jaime Malet, closes the event emphasizing the need to continue intensifying economic and commercial relations between Spain and the US.