Conversation with Nadia Calviño, Minister of Economic Affairs

Nadia Calviño, Minister of Economic Affairs, was the protagonist of the series Dialogues on Competitiveness, Productivity and Internationalization hosted by AmChamSpain on November 13th in Madrid. During her speech, Calviño reviewed the European and Spanish economic situation, highlighting the growth and dynamism of the national economy in the euro area as a whole.


The Minister defended her “confidence in society and the government” emphasizing that Spain maintains a “robust” growth rate with positive economic indicators, especially in terms of employment. Calviño also maintained that the external sector is a great opportunity and a factor that greatly contributes to the growth of the country, emphasizing the “good climate” of business between America and Spain, as well as the positive opinion and confidence that foreign investors have towards Spain.


Calviño stressed the need to take advantage of this good moment and not miss the opportunity to address reforms and undertake “a more active economic policy” that will lay the foundations of “sustainable growth in the medium and long term.” One of the government’s main objectives is budgetary consolidation to “reduce the weight of the debt on Spanish GDP” and increase the allocation of financial resources to “more productive purposes for the future of the country such as investment, R & D and education.” In this context, Calviño emphasized the need to strengthen institutions, reduce inequality and increase legal security.