The American Chamber of Commerce in Spain, AmChamSpain, is a private, apolitical and non-profit institution. Founded in 1917, it has always been recognized for being at the service of Spanish companies with interests in the U.S. and American companies established in Spain. It currently has more than 340 partner companies, which have a combined turnover of 248 billion euros in Spain, 24% of the GDP, and generate more than a million jobs.


AmChamSpain’s roster of partners boasts the majority of the biggest American companies operating in Spain, virtually all of the Ibex-35 companies, as well as a significant number of SMEs from both countries.


AmChamSpain is part of the network of AmChams distributed across 108 countries, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which, with more than 3 million partner companies, is the main employers association in the United States.


Philip J. Brewer, 1917-1918
Harry L. Van Tress, 1919-1920
Melville M. Smith, 1921-1923
Wiliam E. Powell, 1924-1927
John H. Jordain, 1928-1930
Martin L. Glidewell, 1931-1932
Robert B. Gwynn, 1933
John E. Hill, 1934-1935
John W. Bigham, 1936
Ramón Pañella (acting), 1936-1939
Antonio B. Caragol, 1940-1941
Homer W. Eddy (acting), 1942
Ramón Pañella (acting), 1942-1946
Max H. Klein, 1946-1954
Richard Ford, 1954-1956
Max H. Klein, 1956-1960
William G. Abouchar, 1960-1965
Lawrence E. Bell, 1966-1969
Paul N. Temple, 1969-1970
Peter Danos, 1970-1971
Emil P. Larricq, 1971-1973
Hugh de N. Wynne, 1973-1975
William H. Singleton, 1975-1979
James A. Baker, 1979-1983
Max H. Klein, 1983-1987
Steven K. Winegar, 1987-1991
Max H. Klein, 1991-1995
James A. Baker, 1995-1999
Felipe Saiz Vilalta, 1999-2002
Jaime Malet, 2002-Present