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The future of the office with AECOM

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16 Sep 2020, Webex
The coronavirus pandemic has had a serious impact on society and also on our conception of work. Offices and the way of working of workers are and will continue to evolve. In this event, which we will celebrate with our partner AECOM, we will review the lessons and knowledge acquired during the last 6 months in order to understand what the role of the office will be in the future, how we will handle the challenges of business culture , what we are prepared for or even how we will seek a balance between work and social life. To sum up, the needs of the workplace will be addressed in the short term, but also how to begin planning a medium and long-term work strategy in line with the broader socio-economic trends that shape the future organization.
We will count with the participation of Elvira Muñoz, EMIA Interior Design Practice Leader.


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16 September

12 to 1pm