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16 Sep 2020, Webex
The vacation period is over and the return to routine begins. Many of us expected to return to the office and others will see their incorporation into that physical space delayed. Immersed in this second wave of infections, we now ask ourselves: "What to do regarding the office?"
What is clear is that the office "of the future" is here to stay. Our partners AECOM and Prosegur came together to talk with us about the labor, spatial, digital and security transformations that are taking place and the needs of the workplace in the short term, but also how to start planning a work strategy in the middle and long term in line with the broader socioeconomic trends shaping the future organization.
We had the participation of:
  • Elvira Muñoz, EMIA Interior Design Practice Leader, AECOM
  • José Daniel García Espine, Director of Innovation, Prosegur
  • Esteban Pozo Bargueño, Global Director of Service Management, Prosegur
  • Ramón Gil Mataix,  Global Director of Real Estate, Prosegur


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16 September

1 to 2pm