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Masterclass - How to be an Extraordinary Speaker

06 Apr 2022, Online Meeting
On April 6, our Diversity and Inclusion Committee organized the masterclass "How to be an Extraordinary Speaker", in collaboration with BCW and Dooit. 
Both communication consultancies have been developing for three years the program "Women who have something to say", which aims to help position women managers in professional forums and events. Currently, women in Spain represent only 19% of speakers at professional forums, and we want to contribute to improving the situation. 
The workshop is based on the premise that verbal communication is key to awaken empathy and arouse enthusiasm when speaking in public. It is not an innate talent, but a matter of technique and rehearsal. Therefore, this masterclass focused on teaching the keys to make your messages reach, be remembered and help you to empower yourself in front of your audience so that you can be an influential and motivational speaker. 
We counted with the participation of:
Diane Tucci, Country Manager of Costco Wholesale and President of our Diversity and Inclusion Committee.
Carmen Valera, Non-Executive President of BCW Spain.
Mariana Ferrari, President of Dooit. 

Online Meeting

Date / Hour

06 April

4 - 5 PM