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Electoral November in the U.S.: Perspectives of the Midterm Elections

Private Event
02 Nov 2022, Madrid
On November 2, the seminar "Electoral November in the U.S.: Perspectives of the Midterm Elections", organized in collaboration with CEOE, took place.
During the event, we analyzed the possible results of the Midterm Elections, as well as the effects they may have at the American and global level. After the welcome by Antonio Garamendi, President of CEOE and Jaime Malet, President of AmChamSpain, a panel discussion began with:
- Carlota Garcia, Senior Researcher, U.S. and Transatlantic Relations, Real Instituto Elcano.
- Amanda Mars, Director, Cinco Días.
- Lorenzo Milá, Director of Objetivo Planeta, Canal24h TVE.
The speakers agreed that these elections will mark a before and after in the Biden administration, as well as the relevance of issues such as high inflation, migration and the loss of freedoms in this campaign.


CEOE Headquarters
Date / Hour

02 November

17:00 - 19:00