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Concordia Europe- AmChamSpain Summit

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26 Jun 2019, Madrid
On June 26 we celebrated the first edition of Concordia Europe - AmChamSpain Summit.
We bring together policy makers, CEOs, and experts in different fields to address the most relevant economic, geopolitical, and business issues of the moment.
Featured Speakers:
Meritxell Batet, President of the Congress of Deputies
Pablo Casado, President of the Popular Party Carrie Filipetti, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs
Carlos Gutierrez, former US Secretary of Commerce
Trinidad Jiménez, Director of Global Strategy for Public Affairs of Telefónica and former Minister of Foreign Affairs
Kimberley Lewis, Director of Engagement at Hermes Investment Management
Emma Navarro, Vice President of European Investment Bank
Tim Pataki, Deputy Assistant to the President of the USA and Director of the Public Outreach Office
Josep Piqué, former Minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Fernando Quiroga Ramírez, former President of Bolivia
Gordon Sondland, US Ambassador for the European Union Concordia Europe press appearances - AmChamSpain summit


Hotel Eurostars Madrid Tower
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26 June