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AmChamYLN: Mentoring Meetup I

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22 Jun 2021, Online Meeting
On June 22, we held a mentoring meetup, where the young professionals from the Young leaders Network program spoke with mentors of various levels of responsibility in their companies (presidents, CEOs, general directors, etc.).
They participated:
· Daniel Agromayor, Executive Director, Five Guys España y Portugal
· Paloma Beamonte, Independient Board Member, Mutua Pelayo
· Isabel Granda, Communication & Marketing Director, DXC
· Teresa Paz-Ares, Partner, Uría Menéndez
· Carmen Sebrango, Professional Careers Director, CEU San Pablo
· Jorge Zafra, Marketing Director, SAS Iberia

Online Meeting

Date / Hour

22 June

De 2021
16:00 - 17:00h