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2020 Presidential Election Insights

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21 Oct 2020, Webex Events
On November 3rd, one of the most unusual presidential elections in American history will be held. In the context of recent events such as the health crisis caused by Covid-19, the mobilization of civil society in favor of more robust environmental policies, as well as the Black Lives Matter movement, remote voting will prevail in these elections.
The result of these presidential elections will be key to knowing how the international context will unfold over the next few years since the candidates represent conflicting values ​​and priorities.
On October 21 we will have the following speakers:
Jon Decker, White House Correspondent of Fox News, who has been a member of the White House press corps since 1995. He is noted for his accuracy in the electoral forecast that he presented to our partners in 2016.
Amanda Mars, US Bureau Chief, El País (based in Washington, D.C.). Who will tell us about the effects that these events have had on the electoral campaign and the effects that the result of the elections will cause.

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21 October