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Directory of US Companies in Spain


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The Directory offers detailed information on the economic and sectoral activity of US companies based in Spain, as well as the products they offer and contact information in Spain and the United States.

This directory is aimed at entrepreneurs, students, journalists and researchers, among others, interested in obtaining basic information about American companies present in Spain.

We hope that this directory will be a useful tool for those interested in promoting trade and increasing investment between Spain and the United States.

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AmChamSpain: Facts & Figures

This report, updated annually, reflects the activity and composition of AmChamSpain in facts and figures.

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The Transatlantic Economy 2016

Annual Survey of Jobs, Trade and Investment between the United States and Europe. View Report

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Annual Report – 2017

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Success Stories of American Multinacionals in Spain


This extensive document is preceded by an analysis signed by the Chamber’s president, Jaime Malet, on the economic environment behind the actions taken last year by AmChamSpain and its committees. These actions were accompanied by the improvement of the economy and the positive results of the reforms implemented by the Spanish government, which have contributed to the improvement of the business and economic environment of the country.


The Report also covers the Chamber’s activities aimed at strengthening the close connection between the governments and public administrations of Spain and the United States, the different events organized throughout the year, the collaboration between AmChamSpain and AmCham EU, the Chamber’s new communication and marketing strategies, and new partners. It also covers the makeup of the Governing Board and its strong commitment to the U.S. companies established in Spain, to the improvement of Spain’s image in the United States, and to driving and promoting transatlantic relations.


The 2014 Report is available on this website.

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Transatlantic Economy 2015


Annual Survey Jobs, Trade and Investment between the United States and Europe.

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The labor reform – Effects, reflections and improvement proposals


The labor reform has driven many necessary changes in labor institutions, which were by and large outmoded, and has established a new model of labor relationships which little are taking root in Spain’s productive fabric. The position paper, made by networking group of the AmChamSpain Human Resources Committee, analyzes and reflects on these issues and proposes a series of adjustments in order to fully deploy the resources of the labor reform. The objective is to improve the competitiveness of all companies, both small operations as well as major generators of employment, the latter of which consitutes the majority of the companies that make up AmChamSpain.

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