Javier Targhetta

Javier Targhetta - Board Member

Atlantic Copper, Freeport McMoran, President

Javier Targhetta (Madrid, 1948), graduated as a Mining Engineer at the Polytechnic University of Madrid in 1971and was later awarded an MBA by the IESE (University of Navarra, 1987). After complementing his studies with practical work in Germany and England, he began his professional career in the field of metallurgical research, joining the AIPSA project, sponsored by the Explosivos Rio Tinto and the Tharsis Copper & Sulphur Groups. After various senior positions in the fields of international engineering, coal trading and shipping/stevedoring, in 1985 he was appointed Chairman and CEO of Elcano, the leading Spanish shipping company. In December 1990, he joined Atlantic Copper as CEO. In 1993 Freeport‐McMoRan, Phoenix, USA) acquired 100% of Atlantic Copper and Javier Targhetta was confirmed in the position which he holds today. As from July 2005 he also holds the responsibility of Freeport‐McMoRan’s worldwide copper ores sales as Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales. Among other responsibilities, Javier Targhetta currently is Vice President Commissioner of P.T. Smelting (Indonesia) and Associate Professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Until June 2008, Javier was Chairman of the Spanish Large Energy Consumers Association and from 2007 through November 2011 he was Chairman of Eurometaux (European Association of Non‐Ferrous Metals Producers). He is Vice Chairman of Fortia, one of Spain’s largest electric power distributors and member of the Board of Directors of MAXAM, one of the world’s leading civil explosives producers and member of the High Council of Spain’s Engineering Institute. Javier Targhetta is fluent in English, German, French and Italian, in addition to Spanish, his mother tongue. Javier is married and has two daughters.