Ana Argelich - Board Member

MSD, President and Executive Director

President and CEO of MSD Spain since July 16, 2019. Member of the Governing Council and Board of Directors of Farmaindustria and member of the Board of Directors of LAWG (Association of American Laboratories).


Ana has extensive and enriching international experience in MSD. Since joining in 2008, Ana has had a history marked by successes in management positions of increasing responsibility, contributing to the growth of franchises and always with a special focus on the client and the development of the teams.

In February 2017, she was appointed CEO of MSD in Austria where she achieved excellent results, with growth of 24% in the first year and 6% in the second, to the Company from 4th to 2nd position in the ranking of the Austrian market. In addition, she demonstrated excellent leadership skills and teamwork, carrying out a significant transformation of the organization in terms of business culture.

From March 2019 until her appointment as president of MSD in Spain, she has participated in strategic projects globally.

She began her professional career at MSD as director of the Multichannel area, implementing the multichannel strategy and leading a new team to transform the way we interact with our clients. In 2011, Ana was appointed executive director of the Specialists Business Unit and member of the Management Committee of MSD in Spain.

In 2012 she became director of the Hospitals and Immunology Business Unit. Two years later, she assumed the direction of the Women's Health and Primary Care Business Unit, achieving double-digit growth in the Lipids area of 25% and Diabetes in 14% and improving her competitive position. At the same time, she successfully directed the integration of the Vaccines area in Spain.

In addition, Ana holds various positions with respect to MSD stakeholders, such as: member of the Amcham (American Chamber), CEOE member, member of the plenary session of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce; member of the Círculo de Empresarios, member of the American Business Council, member of the Advisory Council of Multinationals for Marca España and patron of IESE.

Ana began her professional career in the Telecommunications sector as a strategic consultant at Bain & Company, Oliver Whyman and France Telecom in various markets. In 1997, she moved to Diamond Cluster, a marketing consultancy specialized in the Telecommunications sector, developing international projects as Marketing Director. In 2003, she joined France Telecom, performing various functions: Director of Customer Marketing at UNI2, Director of Sales and Commission Intelligence at Wanadoo, Director of Marketing at Wanadoo, and subsequently Orange as Director of Customer Value.

Ana has a degree in Business Administration and Management from the Ramón Llull University of Barcelona.