Dialogue with Isabel Díaz Ayuso

The global public image of the United States

Kick Off: Young Leaders Network

Concordia Europe - AmChamSpain Summit: Cocktail Reception

Christmas cocktail

An Inside Look at the 2020 Election

Invest in USA

Tax Panel: The ratification of the CDI modification protocol between the United States and Spain

The State of Transatlantic Trade Negotiations

How to manage diversity and innovation to achieve maximum competitiveness in Spanish companies?

Cocktail with U.S. Government Officials

Board of Directors with Congressman Bill Shuster and former US Secretary of Transportation, Rodney E. Slater

General Assembly

Diversity Series: Diversity on Governing Boards

Concordia Europe - AmChamSpain Summit

Audience at the Palace of Zarzuela © Casa de S.M. el Rey

Dialog with Antonio Garamendi (CEOE) and Jaime Malet (AmChamSpain)

Diversity Networking in the Ambassador's Residence

European Elections Debate

Conversation with Josep Borrell, Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation

Diversity Series: Diversity on Boards

Richard Duke Buchan III

Christmas Cocktail

Diversity Series: The business value of diversity

Conversation with Nadia Calviño

Conversation with Pablo Casado

Conversation with Angel Garrido

The Future of Work

AmChamConnections Barcelona

Leadership of Women in Media

Women in Leadership Series: Women in Entrepreneurship


100 years of AmChamSpain: Transatlantic relations and their future

US Tax Reform

Welcome breakfast of the new U.S. Ambassador to Spain, the Hon. Richard Duke Buchan III. Barcelona

Welcome of the New U.S. Ambassador to Spain, the Hon. Richard Duke Buchan III

Corporate Social Responsibility Act

Conversation with Alfonso Dastis

Conmemorative Event: 100 Years of AmChamSpain

Innovation, in the DNA of an efficient and sustainable health system

Conversation with Albert Rivera

Women in Tech: Empowering the next generation

Paper presentation. The value of innovation in health care in Spain and its challenges

Conmemorative Reception: 100 years of AmChamSpain in Barcelona

AmCham Connections Barcelona

US Chamber International IP Index Presentation

Presentation: 2017 Transatlantic Economy Survey

Transatlantic Commerce in the Trump Era

Destination USA: A country of opportunities - Barcelona

AmCham Connections: Emerging Talent

Destination USA: A country of opportunities - Madrid

Conversation with Luis de Guindos

Women in Leadership: Women on Boards

Christmas Cocktail

Conversation with Luis María Linde, Governor of the Bank of Spain

Doing Business in the USA: The key to successful expansion

Smart Industries Cocktail

Moving towards the Digital Single Market

Central South Carolina USA Business Forum

AmCham Connections, 1st Edition Barcelona

1st Edition Women in Leadership: Women in Tech

Energy Policy Prospects in the US and EU after COP21

AmCham Connections, 3rd Edition Madrid

AmCham Connections, 2nd edition Madrid

The Road to the White House: The 45th President of the United States

Privacy Shield: the new framework for data flow between the EU and the US

South Carolina USA Business Forum: The New American Address for Spanish Companies

The Essentials of Spanish Foreign Policy and Transatlantic Relations

Conversation with Pablo Casado, Deputy Secretary of Communication of the Partido Popular

AmCham Connections, 1st Edition Madrid

Business opportunities and the state of negotiations of the Free Trade Agreement with the U.S. (TTIP)

Breakfast with the National September 11 Memorial & Museum

Christmas Cocktail

Conversation with Manuela Carmena, Mayor of Madrid

Seminar- Conference On the Impact of Over Regulation of Corporate Activity

Cocktail in celebration of the Smart City Expo World Congress

Dialogue with Alberto Núñez Feijóo, President of the Xunta de Galicia

Diálogo con Albert Rivera, Presidente de Ciudadanos

Inversión y Negocios en EE.UU.

Diálogo con Pedro Sánchez, Secretario General del PSOE

Recepción con motivo del World Mobile Congress 2015

Cóctel de navidad

26.06.14 Transportation Conference – Public Private Partnerships & High Speed Train

15.07.14 Invest & innovate in Andalucía

2.6.14 Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) Agreement: Facts and Oportunities for Bussines in Europe and Spain

2.4.14 Texas, an Exporting State

10.3.14 World Economic Forum. Global Risks Report 2014

25.2.14 World Mobile Congress 2014

14.1.14 Economic priorities of the White House for 2014 and new challenges of the global economy Washington DC

12.12.13 Welcome and Introduction of the New U.S. Ambassador to Spain, the Hon. James Costos

4.12.13 The Power of Innovation: Innovation as a model for Economic and Social Development in Spain

21.11.13 Business and Investment in the U.S., Building bridges between Spain and the U.S. to develop the Americas

19.11.13 Business and Investment in the U.S., Building bridges between Spain and the U.S. to develop the Americas

12.6.13 Goodbye, Mr. Ambassador!

10.6.13 Business and Investment in Florida

25.4.13 The Digital Economy: Efficiency in the Public Sector

20.3.13 Data Protection

27.2.13 New Sources of Financing for SMEs

25.2.13 World Mobile Congress

29.11.12 Innovation in Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR

30.10.12 Infrastructures

19.9.12 Trade&Innovation Award

29.5.12 The Power of Innovation: Intellectual and Industrial Property. “Protect to prosper”

22.5.12 Opportunities in the Sunshine State

18.4.12 New European Data Protection Regulation and its Impact on Spain

28.2.12 World Mobile Congress

6.4.11 Global Business Leader Award

1.12.11 Restoring Confidence in Financial Markets

17.6.11 Rail Transport Spain – U.S.

3.6.11 Investments in Energy and High Speed

28.3.11 The View from Catalonia

19.1.11 Intellectual Property