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Working Breakfast at the US Chamber, Washington DC. Mariano Rajoy, president of the Government, Thomas Donohue, US Chamber of Commerce president & CEO, Juan Rosell, president of the CEOE and Jaime Malet, chairman of AmChamSpain, 

James Costos, current United States Ambassador to Spain, Xavier trias, mayor of Barcelona, Randall Stephenson, current chairman and CEO of AT & T Inc., Tom Wheele, chairman of the FCC and Jaime Malet, the AmChamSpain president.

Working Breakfast with Valerie Jarret, Senior Advisor of the president Barack Obama and Jason Furman, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers

Board of Directors of AmChamSpain with James Costos, US Ambassador to Spain

New CDI: signing of the Protocol amending the Double Taxation Convention between Spain and the U.S., with the President of AmChamSpain, the U.S. Ambassador and his wife, and the Secretary of the Treasury (14/01/2013).

Restoring confidence in the financial markets in Spain:  Luis de Guindos, Manuel Pizarro and Tomas Valera.

"Best Practices for Collaboration and the Business of Diplomacy", with Ambassador Alan D. Solomont and Jaime Malet, President of AmChamSpain, in the Global Business Conference organized by Hillary Clinton in Washington D.C.

Mariano Rajoy, President of the Spanish Government, and Jaime Malet, President of AmChamSpain.

Bill Clinton, former U.S. President, and Jaime Malet, President of AmChamSpain

Gala Dinner - 90th Anniversary of AmChamSpain. Former Ambassador Eduardo Aguirre, Jr., their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Spain, and Jaime Malet, President of AmChamSpain

Select USA Investment Summit, Washington DC, Noviembre 2013. Penny Pritzker, United States Secretary of Commerce and Jaime Malet, president of AmChamSpain

Artur Mas, President of the Generalitat de Catalunya, and Jaime Malet, President of AmChamSpain

Trade & Innovation Awards: Winners and sponsors with U.S. Ambassador to Spain and the President of AmChamSpain

Hon. James Costos, US Ambassador to Spain and Jaime Malet, Chairman of AmChamSpain

Presentation of the Women in Leadership Committee Position Paper on October 10, with Amparo Moraleda, Jaime Malet, State Secretary of Employment Engracia Hidalgo, Susan Solomont and Carmen Mur.

Rick Scott, Governor of Florida, Jaime Malet, President of AmChamSpain, and Alan Solomont, U.S. Ambassador to Spain

AmChamSpain Board of Directors with Hon. Alan D. Solomont, U.S. Ambassador to Spain.

Business Roundtable: Rail Transport Spain - U.S., Ray LaHood, U.S. Secretary of Transportation.

Ana Mato, Minister of Health, Social Affairs and Equality, 2nd Annual Conference - The Power of Innovation: Intellectual Property, May 29, 2012. 

Conversations USA-Spain: Business Opportunities: A high-level discussion on business opportunities between Spain and the U.S.

Giovanni Buttarelli, European Data Protection Supervisor; Martí Saballs, Assistant Manager to Expansion; Rafael Garcia Gozalo, Coordinator of the International Department, Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD); Pablo Garcia Mexia, Legal Advisor to Spanish Parliament, Dir. / Co-founder of Syntagma.

José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Former President of the Spanish Government, and Jaime Malet, President of AmChamSpain




On the occasion of the outrage upon a Spanish company in a Latin American country, we were asked to approach our sister organization there to take some action. Following a meeting of the governing board of the organization, made up of executives of large corporations, my counterpart called me to communicate me that they would not take any decision or say anything because "there was freedom of the press, but no freedom of opinion" in that territory. Expressing an opinion in that country means being exposed to the overreaction of the ruling party, which mercilessly attacks any hint of criticism, with all available means.

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September 29


Beginning Thursday, July 11, the U.S. Embassy in Madrid is introducing a new process for scheduling nonimmigrant visa (NIV) appointments that is faster and easier. These improvements will not result in additional costs. However, visa applicants should take note of new contact telephone numbers and website for scheduling visas. According to Counselor for Consular Affairs Kathleen M. Hennessey, “The implementation of this new system is part of our efforts to continually improve our services for our visa applicants.”

AmChamSpain warns on potential harmful effects of Financial Transactions Tax (FTT)

American Chamber of Commerce in Spain, AmChamSpain, wishes to express its concern at the potential implications of the implementation of the Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) –currently under discussion in the European Union– in the Spanish economic recovery. According to the information learned by AmChamSpain, the new tax will have serious implications for financial institutions as well as for companies from all industries that make legitimate use of financial instruments in the normal course of business (for example, risk management).

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Conference "Digital Economy: The Key to growth. Efficiency in the Public Sector”

The American Chamber of Commerce in Spain, AmChamSpain, organized on April 25, in Madrid, its annual Conference on Economy, dedicated to Digital Economy and focused on its first edition in the Public Sector. Government officials and experts from leading companies in the digital sector presented and discussed the issues raised in the Position Paper that AmChamSpain’s Digital Economy Committee published in May 2012, aimed at increasing efficiency, achieving significant cost savings and creating quality jobs, especially in the Public Sector, through the implementation of ICT solutions.


Conversations on a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Alliance with the European Union

The potential trade agreement between the United States and the European Union is supported by groups such as the American Chamber of Commerce, as they believe it would increase U.S. exports by hundreds of billions of dollars.

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AmChamSpain organized a conference to present the new protocol amending the Double Taxation Convention (DTC) between Spain and the United States

  • AmChamSpain organized a unique conference to reveal new fiscal and tax aspects included in the protocol amending the Double Taxation Convention (DTC) between both countries.

  • Experts from renowned law firms, senior executives of large companies, and government members competent in the field analyzed main changes of the DTC.

  • Jaime Malet, president of AmChamSpain, is certain that with the new document, “American investment in Spain will increase, and the important Spanish investment in the United States will increase and consolidate.”

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