Types of events

AmChamSpain organizes different types of events where our partners can find a unique, exclusive venue to share information, interact with each other and gain access to high level representatives from the national and local government, as well as members of the U.S. Administration who are visiting Spain.


AmChamSpain events have become one of the most relevant and prominent platforms where Spanish and U.S. firms can find the ideal space to engage in dialogue, position their brands and express their views.


Annual Conferences and Seminars 

Annual conferences and seminars are the largest events organized by AmChamSpain, almost always linked to the Chamber’s committees. The objective of these meetings is to disseminate the work and conclusions on various subjects, drawn up each year by the respective committees for the Government representatives and the public opinion. They are also a unique opportunity to take advantage of the business opportunities offered by the various sectors represented by the Chamber’s committees.



The AmChamSpain conversations offer partners of the Chamber a great opportunity to share breakfast or a meal with representatives from the national or local governments, both Spanish or American, where the conversations flow naturally and debates are held on current issues of economic interest. These forums also provide a valuable opportunity for networking among participants and broadening contacts by meeting new partners.


Social Events 

AmChamSpain organizes social events to celebrate special occasions, recognize and award the best business path and entrepreneurial spirit of internationalization and development of operational excellence, such as our Global Business Leader Award, among others. These are social events, usually carried out on an annual basis, which are attended by all our partners and leading figures from the Spanish and American political and business worlds.



M2M Seminars, which are smaller in size, involve two or three AmChamSpain member corporations and aim at sharing best practices and operational excellence. Through M2M, AmChamSpain partners with similar or related interests may use this platform to create a seminar and share their experiences and know-how.