Leadership of Women in Media

Yesterday, the American Chamber of Commerce in Spain (AmChamSpain) celebrated the Balcony Group kick-off, an association of female journalists which works to promote women’s professional development in the world of communications and has signed a collaboration agreement with AmChamSpain, specifically with its Gender Diversity & Inclusion Committee. 


The event, which took place at the Boston-Madrid International Institute and was moderated by Ana Romero, journalist and co-founder of the Balcony Group, included three top level panelists: Pepa Bueno, the director of Hoy por Hoy of Cadena Ser and the only host of a morning show, Ana Pardo de Vera, the director of Público and the only female director of a digital media outlet in Spain and Encarna Samitier, the director of 20minutos and the first female director of national newspaper during Spanish Democracy.


During the debate analyzing the status of gender diversity in the media, the speakers were very proud of the recent appointment of Soledad Gallego-Díaz as director of El País, as well as Montserrat Domínguez as director of El País Semanal (both members of the Balcony Group), however all three were in agreement with the fact that there is still a lot of work to be done.


47% of journalists in Spain are women. However, only 11% of newspaper management is female. The key is in the words of Pepa Bueno: “Since the Transition, male journalists understand the profession as a way to get close to those in power, not to keep it in check”. Balcony maintains that more women in journalism would mean a “return to its origins” and therefore to a healthy revival.


Ana Pardo de Vera, for example, wanted to note that there are many women prepared for upper management positions and we have to give them a voice, as Pepa Bueno announced, “if we don’t name them, they don’t exist”. She also invited her colleagues in the trade to help promote the change, claiming that “we have to ask for representation on advisory committees on boards without any insecurities”. Undoubtedly, the speakers would certainly agree with the words of Encarna Samitier, who stated that the “social change is unstoppable.


More than 100 people attended the event, including Hannah Buchan, the Honorary President of the Gender Diversity & Inclusion Committee of AmChamSpain. 


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