Benefits of Partnering

Why join AmchamSpain?

AmChamSpain is the main business organization connecting Spain and the USA. As a leading entity in advocacy, we support, mediate and protect the interests of our partner companies.

We work to induce changes in Spanish, European and American politics, always in favor of our partners. We are the voice of American companies in Spain and we support Spanish companies in the US, promoting foreign direct investment in both countries.

Our partners benefit greatly from our global network of 108 AmChams spread across Europe (AmChams in Europe, ACE Network), as well as the other AmChams in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Oceania. Members also benefit from our close collaboration with the diplomatic corps of the US Embassy, with the main business institutions as well as the US and Spanish governments and administrations.

AmChamSpain is the most select corporate networking platform: we encourage business development and promotion, as well as expansion of our partners' networks of contacts.

We organize multiple events throughout the year: dialogues with prominent representatives of the Spanish, European and American governments; seminars and conferences that allow for business exchange; and social meetings, in which our partners have access to the highest level of government and business connections.

The real engine of AmChamSpain is our working committees: through our more than 10 committees and working groups, we exchange best practices and analyze the regulatory and business environment to identify our partners' priorities. By focusing our action plans and public positions towards our members' needs, we are able to generate significant influence and impact.

It is through this important network of leading and influential companies that the business interests of Spain and the US can be shared and recognized.

It is part of this important network of leading and influential companies that share the business interests of Spain and the US.